How to configure my new SC2 PRO in automobilista 2

Dear All
I received my new SC2 2 days ago .
I was able to configure it without any issue in iracing , ACC and race room experience .
I have been trying to configure my wheel in Automobilista 2 since yesterday my no luck .
I tried more or less all the hints I found on this forum , none of them works .

  • the wheel detection is tricky , sometimes it works , sometimes it does not , I have to do 10 different tries before the game detect my X axis
    Then the calibration seems to be working but when I get into the driving seat , as soon as I get out of the pit the wheel is going right completely

I am out of idea and if someone has a specific process I need to follow to perform this configuration I will take it
thanks all

The trick with Project Cars lineage games, including AMS2, when assigning controls is, when it’s asking for input, to turn in the direction you want 360 degrees AND turn back 360 degrees, then it should detect the input reliably.

If that’s working fine and you’re still getting the ‘wheel turning right’ issue I wonder have you assigned turn left AND turn right correctly? Be sure they’re using the same axis (but +/-).

Not having any problems, myself, and AMS2 is very enjoyable.

Also be sure to keep an eye on this thread for tuning:

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