How should Santa Claus improve your SC2?

That is a copy/paste of the Discord - General

No that’s serious question. I’m really interested! If someone wants a SC wheelbase, and he just wants to know …is there something coming next month…of course, I would do the same.
In terms of improvement. I did the Opinion poll of Granite Devices and I got some points. But it would be some cool gimmick’s, it would cool to have but nothing that important that I’m dreaming of a SC3.
(“Torque Bandwidht Limiter” extension / “Slew Rate” extension / “Peak & Notch Filter” extension)

So what do you guys are wishing to have on/in your SC2 or SC3?

Mate, I am convinced that we need better simracing titles. The Simucube 2 can’t show her full potential yet. What will a new DD help then?
Plus, we will receive a new TD version after the summer holidays, with new features. Let us see what it has to offer. And let us hope AC2 will come soon. It will reveal where the simracing boom is heading to.


i see it same,sc2 has so much (too much sometimes) to offer,no need for a sc3

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I like that you call it “her” :smiley:

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Wasn’t there questionnaire already from GD folks?
Just fill it if you didn’t yet.

Incidentally Santa Claus abbreviation is SC too. :rofl:

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I did have a look at the answers just before my holiday. Looks like we are on the right track but all feature suggestions are welcome. More data crunching to be done after I’m back at the office.


Yeah, that’s a big point! How the games create their frequencies would be the much better option to improve the driving experiance.
Let me use a analogy. I mean in a tone-studio to change the speaker’s would not have the same effect as to change the VST instruments and effects. To inform you… our cars in simracing are like VST Instruments in a sequenzer, who provide to us a FFB-signal. And the “effects” like curbs, different terrain, crashes are VST effects who laid over the FFB-signal.

So your mail “will not change” if you simply change the post man.

I just stopped doing laps at Imola, with the RSS Hybrid 2023. I’m running my Pimax 5k plus at 2560x1440, normal FOV, 110 Hertz, with open XR. Together with the 4 BJ motors and a single Dayton shaker really close to my “lower back”, the Simucube 2 is absolutely amazing. She (I always called her that way; don’t actually really know why 🙆 @datoml) is crazy dam good, the moment when the rear starts sliding so well/dynamic announced (no TC), front locking from brakes (no ABS) , or loaded/unloaded wheels, absolutely all these information are perfectly timed; the Simucube 2 is leaving the signal exactly as given by the simulation, absolutely amazing.

Since I get FFB not only from the wheel I appreciate my DD even more. I now also understand much better how significant the difference for @Alfye20 must be, having the active pedal. The overall result from all these FFB sources is, imo, absolutely game changing. It really is. Not only in VR, but especially there I feel that simracing is just one of the greatest hobbies ever. I’m more than grateful for having this opportunity, and all the joy and fun coming with it .

I used to play around with Cubase and virtual instruments. Also had a midi keyboard, which I used to play from drums to trumpets to any instruments available. This experience was part of the idea to try out the new FFB tweaks in Content Manager. I use a little bit of signal compression for the RSS and VRC mods. I just love the details in the small FFB signals, it’s (for me) the best driving experience. I follow your work with great interest, not only but also because my experience has its bases partially from what you study. It has a lot of potential to get a better FFB for sure.