Simucube 2 Development Questionnaire

Simucube 2 wheel base is getting a fresh look by our development team. While we have gathered a lot of ideas to improve the firmware and the True Drive software, we want to be sure that we are focusing on the right areas.

Please fill this questionnaire to help us stay on track. If you see this questionnaire posted in several places, please click and fill it only once. Thank you!

The Simucube Team


Done :slight_smile:
Looking forward to the result.


I saw your announcement on Instagram and I’m excited to see what you’ve got cookin’.

was that the announcement of the announcement?

i’m excited to see the new software, especially if it’s that good it needs 2 announcements

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Done, and you can have my phone number for this.

I may be a complete arse online, but I’m far more amenable in person :wink: