How do I attach steering wheelspacer to sc2?

How do I attach something like this to my sc2 while still using the sc2 qr?

maybe you should use two of these? check you!

Hi Alex

Those spacers you linked are 70mm pattern so you would need to have things in this order:

SC2 wheelside QR>
SC2 Spacer (Rev 2)>
SC2 70mm Adapter Plate>
B-G Spacer>
Steering wheel with 70mm fixing pattern

You will also have to work out the correct bolt lengths, depending on the size of the spacer that you select.

Hopefully this picture will help to explain what I mean.
Just imagine your B-G Spacer sitting between the SC2 70mm adapter plate and the steering wheel.

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Hopefully I have understood your question correctly.

The way I have explained it means you would need a B-G spacer for each rim that you use (if you have more than one)

If you want the spacer to be permanently mounted to the SC2 (base side), you would need to fit something like this from Sim Racing Machines , followed by your B-G spacer (SRM also sell these :slightly_smiling_face:)

You would then need a separate SC2 wheelside QR for every steering wheel you use.

Hope that all makes sense :thinking:

Thanks for the responses guys. I’d want the spacer on the base side. Was doing something like getting two of the sqr adapters from ascher and sandwiching the spacer between them an option? So something like -

SQR adapter (directly attached to wheelbase)>
SQR adapter>
SQR wheelbase side


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Yeah thats an idea. Because of the fact that you can mount the asher adapter to the base you also can attache the QR to this extender.

The Simucube QR works flawless but if you go for like a Q1R or HRS xero play you just need one asher adapter for the base side.

Second solution would be the idea from EsxPaul. This replace the complete simucube pattern to a 70mm pattern.
For this porpuse you need replacement for the QR system or one asher adapter :D.


Do you guys think sandwiching a steering wheel extension with adapters like suggested above will cause any flex or some kind of loss in FFB?

I’ve thought about replacing the stock QR so I can extend it without making it too complicated, but I’d rather not because it does its job very well in my opinion. This also saves me some cash of course :smiley:

I use a 120 mm extension from Simlab and didn’t notice any flex or play at all. Not sure about a possible loss in FFB, but as stiff as the construction is, I do not see why you should see that.

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Yeah I’m not worried about any flex in the extension itsself (while it obviously depends on the quality), but I wonder if using 2 adapters like the ones mentioned above could cause any possible ‘issues’. Like this:

adapter to shaft > wheel extension > adapter > stock base side QR > stock wheel side QR

Of course I could replace the SC2’s stock QR like this:

adapter > extension > aftermarket base side QR > aftermarket wheel side QR

This seems a bit less complicated, but like I said before, I think the QR that comes with the SC2 does a wonderful job :smiley: :

Thinking of pulling the trigger but have no clue on how to install the sim lab extension piece. Is there any how-to instruction? Does one need anything else like adapters? Sorry newbie here.

I installed the 120mm extension wheel side. The wheel has a 70mm bolt pattern, so attached the extension directly to the wheel. Then the assembly from Simucube.
(Sorry for the poor picture quality)

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Thanks. Really appreciate it.

Best option is
There is a few different lengths, if you have a few different wheels you won’t need extra spacers.


Agreed that Simcore is the much cleaner way to go for steering wheel extension. Installed mine a few weeks ago and been very happy. Plus let’s me get my monitor between the wheel and motor.


Tomo has a really nice extension now also


The all in one solutions are awesome. But for those of you that want to use a seperate extension and keep your stock SC2 QR system, you can do it this way:

1st SQR 70 mm adapter to motor shaft > extension piece > 2nd SQR 70 mm adapter > stock base side QR > stock wheel side QR

Thats trully the best way to mount It, you save money on per wheel extensions and wheels finish is cleaner and lighter without that chunk of metal in the backside.

That is old info I guess, now is much easier to buy base extensions made for SC2.
From EU:
From AU:

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I stock the SRB Extension in the USA.

it is in the Accessories section.

This extension like all other SRB products is very high quality. :slight_smile:

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