Hitting bump stop causes disconnect

Evening, I have a simucube 2 pro which was bought new in Oct 2019. Lately I have had an issue in SIM where if the wheel takes a knock from another car impact or hits the bump stop, the wheel disconnects and even though it beeps to re-engage, I need to exit whichever sim I am in to reconnect. I have tried the latest firmware and beta true drive and it didn’t help. I have rolled back to the April release and still I have the issue. .
I read that perhaps rolling back to 1.1.10? might solve but I get a message saying my firmware is to new and to use an appropriate true drive version. I am on 1.1.15 firmware and 1.1.14 true drive at present Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Check your power supplies are plugged in properly.
Either one is unplugged or turned off, it’s disconnecting because of low wattage.


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Try downgrading to 2020.10 by following the downgrade instructions.

Hi I tried the downgrade and disconnect was still happening, I move my Reverb G2 to a separate power supply and it appears to have fixed the issue, will test further

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