Hight torque activation

Hello !

Nice to be here with you. I’m a french user living at REUNION ISLAND.
I’d just received the PRO model by AUGURY SIMULATIONS. Works perfectly ! Very happy.

About HIGHT TORQUE : Should I activate it each time true drive is launched ? No possibility to lock it ? Is it for security reasons ?

It only needs to be activated if you restart the SC2.

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The competence have a device plug in solution for this point.
Could be posible develop a simirar solution in ours SC2??


I doubt it will happen due to safety concerns, it could use some redesign though, as it’s quite akward and hard to use in the curent overkill form, simple confirmation Yes/No dialog will be more than sufficient IMO.
Another idea is to just have e-stop recycled to activate it, similar to sleep mode.

Would love to see permanet wireless scan disable option though.

And another observation on High Torque mode.
Shouldn’t wheel in Low Torque mode operate as normal with just decreased output, like competitor product and in line with what the name of the mode suggests.
May be mine is malfunctioning and not act as designed, but it’s essentially a useless overdampened brick unless High Torque is enabled.

Andrew, I believe that overdampened effect when in low torque mode is as designed. The exact reason for why, I cannot remember at the moment. I know Mika gave the reasoning behind that in the past. Safety was the reason, I believe.

Mine is just the same although the dampening eases off once you drive in game with low torque still enabled.


Thanks Paul for the info.
Podium in low torque just limits output to CSW 2.5 level.
From my naive consumer view, that operational mode makes more sense and is actually useful.
What we have with SC2 is more like a secondary kill switch as wheel is practically unusable.

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Just tested AC with High Torque disabled, too much damper still even in game.
Removing that could actually make that mode useful for letting kids or friends to play with the wheel.


I did just search for what I thought Mika had said in the past regarding the reasoning behind it. I couldn’t find what I thought he had said so my apologies for putting words in his mouth. This was the best I could find: Low Torque Mode

I see what you are getting at now. I was just a about to ask why you would want to use low torque mode.

That’s an interesting point and I never gave that a thought up until now.

It’s not only forced on damping, the TD also shows that in High Torque disabled mode output is limited to 4.4 N/m.
This is safe, consumer wheel level, why do we need extra dampening on the top of that?

Still, my biggest gripe is the chunkiness of High Torque activation, not that.

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Isn’t the extra damping in low torque mode there to prevent any kind of oscillatory behaviour that could still be deemed dangerous?

The mistake is probably labelling it “Low Torque Mode” should’ve just called it “Safe Mode” :smiley:

Right, Safe Mode that you don’t want to use.:grin:

There will be permanently enabling of high torque mode sometime soon.


Very good news, thank you Mika :+1:

I can see why it would be heavily damped in low torque mode. Even 4.4nm could cause some damage to a child if there was some kind of unexpected spike or large movement.

Imagine the 360 bug kicking in when a kiddie has his/her hands in range.

Best to err on the safe side and have an adult switch on high torque mode and then bring the overall amperage slider right down before a child goes near the wheelbase.

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Consumer wheels do not have that, but they don’t have high torque big motors either so even if driver malfunctioning, no big harm can be done. So Safe Mode it is.

Great news on permanent High Torque option in the future.

Thanks Mika, this is why I like GD, they always listen to their customers! :hugs:

Hope requests to add option to disable wireless scan won’t go unaddressed either. :slightly_smiling_face:

it does not have any overhead, only the qt scanning bar animation has some overhead but only if that tab is open. So there is no issue with that.

Why auto perform function that has no use for majority users?

because it does no harm, and adding configuration variables for that would cost development time, and make it more difficult for those users that do need it.