Heusinkveld Sprint Pedals, USB to D15 connector

So I have been wondering if anyone has connected their Sprints or Ultimates from the USB to a D15 connection so that we could connect the pedalsndirectly to the back of.our wheelbase.

Someone said that you would need a LoadCell Amp. Does anyone know for sure if this can be done and even better yet has anyone actually done it.

Wouldn’t you lose the very nice HE software?

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Yeah apparently you would lose that software

Not with the Ultimates

I am also interested in being able to connect my Ultimate direcement to SC2 if that is possible.

It is possible if someone made a load cell amplifier for that purpose.

Maybe someone could convince DSD Derek to make one?


I will reach out to him and ask him if he would be interested in making them. At first after testing of course he could do it as a pre order type of thing. So he’s aware of thr demand. I think alot of us rather just use our he pedals rather than purchase 1500 dollar d


Has there being any progress on this topic, as I and many others would be keen to get a group buy on this D-SUB connector / Amp (LCA)

As far I know there are only 2 pedals boxes that connect directly to the Accessory port on Simucube 2 from the factory:

Simtag Hydraulic 3-Pedal System

Racewerk S1 PRO Mk2

and they are also the most expensive and best SIM pedals on the market right now.

I also found that Racewerks pedals come with a USB - DSUB convertor. However, this converts the other way (DSUB to USB)

However, someone with more knowledge than me could reverse that and you could than literally connect any pedal box to SIMUCUB 2

The link below for the convertor

There are 3 benefits that I can see by connecting directly to SC2
1 16 Bit resolution as opposed to 12 bit (finer details )
2 linking into SC2 software and controlling everything from one place
3 fewer USB ports used and cleaner Rig builds

I forgot to post the review on the Racewerks pedals Will from boosted media explains how the SC2 accessory port is used and how the software integration works.
and runs through a lot of the benefits explained above.
He also compares the Heuskenveld Ultimates to the Racewerk hydraulic pedals.

Very good review Will Knows his stuff and he is an Aussie

Such thing would need a not so small software project. Easier would be to make a generic load cell amplifier for the load cells of third-party pedals such as Heusinkveld, but even then the specs on the load cells vary a lot between Heusinkveld Pro/Ultimate and Sprint, not to mention any other pedal brands.

One more…

One more advantage could be that some older games only support 2 controllers maximum (I found that out for GP3 and GP4). Having pedals, an SC2 and a USB wheel doesn’t work :frowning:
I have hopes that connecting the pedals to the SC2 base the whole thing will be recognized as 1 controller?


How would you get the signal out of the HE Sprint brake? I get how you’d do the accelerator and clutch because they have connectors.

BJ Steel GT pedals (2 hall sensors + 200kg loadcell) directly to SC2 accesory Port is working as It should.
LC sensor has 4 wires so LeoBodnar LC Amp is needed.
Hall sensors without problems.

Full Simucube 2 Ecosystem:

I Saw some Heusinkveld Sprint photos on its webstore and looks like the LC sensor is a 4 wires one like the BJ Steel ones, so you need to follow those cables and look at where It connects on the integrated PCB. Try to disconnect or desolder to not damage/devaluate your pedals. Or cut at a reasonable lenght:

Connect those 4 wires to Leo Bodnar LC amp.
Dont Know about gas/clutch on Sprints, are they hall sensor or LC?


All 3 pedals are LC.

So 3 LeoBodnar LC amps are needed to run the Sprints directly onto SC2 base

The DC simracing pedals are 2 hall sensor and a LC. It would be quite easy to connect them?

Just like the BJ pedal.
I was able to maintain the OG PCB box doing some jumps and a middle connections board. It is a mesh but I will take care of It soon


you are fantastic thank you