Heusinkveld shifter and accessory port

Good day.

Recently I wired my HE shifter to the accessory port on my SC2 pro using. It functions properly and all FW is up to date.

I noticed in the settings a feature that maps the outputs to the same outputs as my wireless Ascher paddle shifters however, this isn’t the case.

By reading the information it appears I should be able to use paddles or the sequential shifter at any time without having to re-bind controls in ACC for example.

Am I incorrect in assuming so?

I only decided to wire it this way so I can use any shifting method at will.

Any advice appreciated. Thank you.

It should work that way when the checkbox is checked. But it is a long time ago when I actually tested that configuration. Will have another look next week.

Thanks for checking. I tested it checked and not with no success. Really hoping to make it work.

Any chance to investigate? Would really like to finish my wiring.

Thank you for your time.

It works with my SimRacingBay BB Ultra wheel and custom seq shifter.

Shifter to SC2 accesory port can´t be a problem because only 2 buttons available and they are Button1 and Button2.
Shifters on my SRB BB Ultra are Button9 upshift and Button10 downshift.

When checkbox is active on my profiles, my custom seq shifter buttonss are no more Button1 and 2 but Button9 and 10

What button numbers are you seeing?

Thanks for the reply.

The shifter is 1 and 2
Ascher box are 9 and 10
Box is also ticked in my profiles

Strange yours work if you’re on the latest FW

Do not change button numbers when checkbox is ticked?

EDIT, changed the custom shifter for a SHH one so no tried with latest firmware, sorry. Can test it this evening

No. It does not automatically change them.

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I think I found the missing line of code, I wonder what has happend. Will be fixed for next release.

Awesome, and thank you. Top notch service and glad I chose your product!

Our office is already half packed for a move this week. I did not find a way to test the fix on Friday. I will try to test tomorrow, but not looking promising. Aim is to get the new firmware out in this month.

No worries. Glad it seems like an easy fix and good luck with the move.

I did manufacture a test device yesterday and will test the code today.

I have HE sequential too.
where is the access port, and does it mean with AMS2 I won’t have to rebind seq function?
Cause with the games with only one shift key, I have to rebind each time I want to use my seq or my paddles…

It’s very much a DIY thing to wire a sequential shifter to the Simucube 2 Accessory Port.

Best way to fix this is to use joytokey and bind up and down shift to a keyboard binding

SimHub can do the same and is a must-have app for racing games, joytokey is more complicated and another app to the equation.

Simhub let you choose if key reading is active or not with a simple click on the plugin tab

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Testing done, this will be included in this month’s software release.

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Thank you very much. Looking forward to and also thanks for the awesome service. Glad I went Simucube.

Before all the mess started with WRC titles not recognizing inputs I was able to use 2 shifters at the same time, with the Simhub plugin. It’s very easy to understand and to handle.