Help pls ...Simucube 2 usb problem not been detected!

Hello everyone . so long story short yesterday there was a big thunderstorm in my area and it fried my internet modem . After i check my simucube 2 wheel and it turns on good . But the usb connection to my pc is not been detected . Basically when i turn on the wheel nothing shows on true drive like if it was off but is not . i added some screen shots .

Do you have a laptop to test the SC2 wheel on? That will be the quickest to determine where the fault us.

Either the thunderstorm caused a surge that killed USB chipset on your motherboard, or it destroyed the USB port on the SC2, or psu might be damaged to some extent…just speculating here, but logically so…

Also, change the USB cable to the SC2, just in case…

Let us know what you find.


First of all Thanks Beano for suggestions . So this is what i did .I updated the usb port driver like suggested here :

And it worked TrueDrive detected the wheel . BUT after i turn off my PC and back on again the same problem . For now i can keep updating the usb driver everytime and it works but i will have to either find a permanent solution or re install windows .

Good news is not the wheel or pc harware components
Is something with windows latest update or malware since i download alot of Assetto Corsa mods from random places .

Great news, so some corrupt software. If you uninstall driver, and select delete driver also?

If you have USB connectors on the front of the case, try using those, often is the front panel USB a differnet chipset/brand than the back ones. Also, Windows 10 is now pushing out the May 2020(Build 2004)update and maybe this can fix your problem aswell.

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when a Win10 update is announced, I always fear it will screw up my pc. so thanks for the info, I’ll pause the updates for at least 1 month to sit and wait untill it will be safe


so i did a fresh install of windows 10 and still same problem . is there a way to roll back to a previous version of Firmware on the wheel ?

Did you refer this?

ok i tested it with a laptop . is something with the wheel usb port or cable like you mention . Because on laptop same thing happens like on my pc .

i do not have another usb cable to test . But the strange thing is … when i update the usb driver on Device manager manually it works just fine . is just when i turn off the wheel and back on again the usb is not detected . so maybe also Firmware related ?

thank you . so i did this and it didnt solve the problem .

I open a ticket with simucube . So far ive tryed everything related with this problem and no solution . Only thing left is maybe a bad usb port in the simucube wheel itself.

Waiting for response from my ticket .