Help a potential new owner

I recently had a demo on a Simucube Pro as i am considering swapping out my existing DD2 for a Simucube pro.
Unfortunately the demo unit probably wasnt dialled in for some of the Sims i use. This left me unable to really feel the benefit of the base or potential of the true drive software.

This is a cap in hand a bit of a long shot but if any members within the West Midlands area or just outside with a simucube 2 could maybe be happy for me to attempt a demo of a simucube that is actually dialled in for a few sims to help my decision id love for them to pm me to arrange.
I appreciate its a big ask at this time but i have had my vaccinations and it would help me choose between to the two bases.

Equally i do invite true feedback from others who have had both systems.

Perhaps you could contact Jed at Simtech Racing. He has a sim centre that probably isn’t too far away from where you are located.

There’s also a thread here that discusses some comparisons between the two systems.

Yes i did that already which is where i did the demo.
There demo units are located in dolverton Somerset which is 2hrs 45mins away from me and although they were really nice and helpful it wasnt with jed and they are still in the middle of setting up there demo centre.
All this culminated in me probably not seeing the best of the unit but i cant fault the effort they went to and friendly service.

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Ahh, three hours is a bit too far to go just to demo a SC2. I mistakenly associated Jed being based in the Midlands along with the sim centre.

Hopefully someone around your neck of the woods will chime in and give you a demo where everything is set up and ready to go. Good luck!

FFB feeling is always very subjective. Some like very active FFB, some more subdued but with higher FFB level overall, and others something in between. Not to mention configuring the simulator to give out the correct data - Project Cars and Automobilista 2 are just horrible cases from the usability perspective.

Time to set up a demo rig for every possible simulator takes time.

Yes thanks heres hoping and yes although subjective it wasnt the experince i was hoping for with the commitment involved to swapping out the bases.
I hope that i get the opportunity to try one closer to home.

I’ve had an SC2P for a few months. Great wheel. Haven’t tried a DD2.

From what I understand from reviews they’re very similar and, it’s my impression, that people who perceive more “diy hassle” with the SC2 go with the DD2. It’s not really about a difference in feel, it’s about perceptions, ease of access, an ecosystem of hardware, etc.

Just my thoughts on what I saw when I researched my wheel, I’m not saying this is absolute truth.

Yes i have watched many reviews and it may well be a case of splitting hairs and how much time the end user wants to spend setting up the wheel between various sims.
Think il hold on if i dont get to try out a SC2 and see any big difference in feel . Ill also maybe see if any new drivers materialise along with the planned release of the QR v2.
Thanks for the reply appreciate the feedback.

I really love my SC2 Pro however imho I think if you already have a DD2 you should stick with it unless there is some problem because from everything I have read & watched the few small differences do not change the experience or enjoyment much.

Yes think it may be i am chasing something that isnt there.
I do still really enjoy my DD2 and apart from having to change the power supply last year it has been trouble free.
Think it may be i focus on upgrades in other areas for now and wait for driver and QR releases. Thanks to everyone for the feedback appreciated

I have a DD1, which should be similar to your DD2.
My friend has a simucube sport.

Here have been my observations:

  • The steering wheel on the DD1 vibrates a bit when gripped tightly.
  • I can feel the ‘notching’ of the magnet poles on the DD1.
    • The DD1 Notching is more prevalent when the wheel is powered off, however it’s still felt when the power is on.


  • I could not feel any vibration, or notching with the power off or on. It felt just like driving my real car in terms of smoothness.

Game Observations:
The DD1 has so much distracting ‘background noise’ between the cog/notching and the wheel vibration - many of the small details ‘get lost’ in the noise - the Simucube was dead still - which let feedback come through. When I compared small details between Simucube and the DD1, they were there on both - it was all the extra junk on the DD1 that made the small effects ‘blend in’ and not be as noticeable.

It’s a bit late but just in case

I had a DD2 for a couple of years before getting a SC2 Pro and the major advantage of a DD2 is wireless with clutch paddles. I hate cables and having one hanging out of the wheel is not my cup of tea. Don’t get me wrong, the wireless of my 2 wheels work flawlessly and haven’t needed to change batteries but the number of functions are limited compared to the DD2 wheels. Apparently, this is been addressed and something may come on the market later.
I had to RMA my DD2 as it failed and that is why I ended up with the Simucube2. I much prefer the quick release of the SC2 … the DD2 would get stuck and it needed some brute force to remove it.

Setting up both wheels can be a pain but in the end, that is part of the experience. All up I prefer the SC2 Pro but there isn’t much in it. There is no “the earth moved for me” moment


Good to know that there isn’t much difference. I have parked the idea of swapping at this time unless my dd2 has an untimely end. Thanks for the update tho !