Any Fanatec DD owners moved to SC2?

Hey guys, I am curious as to whether or not any SC2 owners have had or have Fanatec DD bases?

How do they compare with each other?

I am currently running a DD2 with the 911 wheel. But keep looking at the SC2. I like the way that the Fanatec stuff works together, but I don’t need things like OLED screens as 90% of my racing is done in VR.

Whats your thoughts guys?

I am not a DD owner, However I am invested into that eco system being I have a 2.5 base.
The obvious upgrade path for me was the DD2 since I have a few wheels that would be plug and play.
However I am the kind of person who does research to the enth degree on my purchases.
I went with the SC2 Pro even know it was going to be a significant amount more being I would need a wheel
Maybe you can confirm but I found they were having trouble on the software side and were struggling with stability, smoothness & reliability, the endurance button box was a similar disaster. Now they just trowing beta software out to plug holes of a poorly conceived rush to market direct drive solution. I am not sure if there is any truth to those statements or not, but that was my findings and why I went with the SC2 Pro


Thanks for the response!

Yes, I can confirm that the software of the Fanatec system is a big problem at the moment!
There has been a recent update that has caused a lot of problems for a lot of people, me included.
I had to roll back to previous version to get the wheel back to what it was before.

They seem to have rushed this as you say, I am not knocking Fanatec, the hardware is very nice indeed, if the software matched the quality of the hardware I wouldn’t need to look elsewhere to find a product that I feel comfortable with.

I just want a base that works as it should without playing Russian Roulette with software/firmware updates. I love the eco system of Fanatec with the way that different wheels interface with the base, but I’d much rather have consistency and reliability above a hardware eco system.

I am hoping that SC2 is what I am looking for.

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I agree, the Fanatec stuff is nice and reasonable price too, I was disappointed when I realized I was going to have to make the switch and shell out for a wheel and a base, but now glad I did being you have confirmed some of my fears
I am currently still waiting for mine to be delivered
Availability seems to be the biggest problem there is.

Last I checked Sim Racing Bay had some in stock , but being I live in the US wanted something in the US in case I had to return for one reason or another
I bought mine at DSD, supposed to be delivered in September.

Good luck with what ever you decide, it would be nice if they came up with some software that made everyone happy with their purchase.

I used a DD1 for about 6 months. Fanatec pushed out a software/firmware update, which I installed. Then the base started just spinning when powered up. Contacted support, which is a lengthy and clunky process, and they had me downgrade the firmware. The base still didn’t work, just spun upon power up.

They had me return the base to California, and I didn’t hear a word for three weeks. I emailed them and three days later they responded saying that their technician was out sick and they’d got to it when he returned.

In the meantime, I ordered a SC2 Pro from SRB. It arrived in three days to the US. I got the SC2 conversions from Sim Racing Machines, which arrived in three days from the UK, and were simple to hook up to my Fanatec wheels. I was up and running in no time.

There is no comparison between the DD1 and the SC2 in my opinion. The detail felt in the SC2 is far better than the DD1 as well as the software being much easier to use and not at all buggy.

The email response from SRB and SRM is second to none.

Six weeks later, Fanatec sent a new DD1 which I promptly sold and I’m not looking back!


Hi I am using a dd2 and have a sc pro2 in transit shoud be here in a week,the fanatec 372 beta drivers are working,but the service and support is not good right now anxious to try the sc2,hopefully i can get the soft ware installed.

Hi Don
Just follow the instructions you get with your Simucube the software is EASY to install and easy to use .
There are many threads here on settings etc .if you have any problems just post here many people here to help you.
Regards Denis
PS you are going to love your Simucbe Pro


Thanks much appreciated

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Can confirm that.
Just received my Simucube 2 Pro on the weekend. The Software is super EASY to use!


Thanks for the replies guys, I went with the Simucube 2 Ultimate in the end. Its in a different league!


i had DD1 when they come out , i know the software improved a lot but i hate the coggin it has, s2 is smother and much better for me.


The cogging is actually the main reason I decided to move away from the DD2!


Not a DD owner, but I have owned >5 pieces of Fanatec gear (pedals, bases, wheels) and boy am I glad to be out of that ecosystem. Fanatec stuff has its place in the typical gear progression IMO but I would not like to stay there for very long.


Had a DD F1 for a year… just sold it and a new SC2 Pro with Asher wheel is on its way. should arrive by the end of the week… very interested to compare the two.

I was actually pretty happy with the Fanatec Podium, however my warranty runs out next June and I live a long way away from any Fanatec dealer. I did have one issue that looked like I was going to have to ship the base back to Fanatec and their support was actually every good… (they even offered to return it for free even though i had a grey import and give me a free stop for my troubles) however the shipping costs was 250euro just one way… so 500 return when out of warranty!!. Thankfully the fault was actually fixed with a firmware update, but it was enough to make me very worried. Thus the change.

Excited to try my new base soon.

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I have both the DD2 and the SC2 Pro at the moment.
My expectation was there would not be a noticable difference in FFB feel, as some reviews suggested. After 3 days of testing and comparison I can tell for sure, that SC2 Pro is on ANOTHER level. Details of FFB, precision, ability for racers to control the cars in edge-situations is far better.
It is not that I was unhappy with the DD2 - I actually loved it, until I got my hands on the SC2 Pro :-/.
My worries regarding the configuration jungle was also unnecessary. The True Drive software is very easy to use, the standard profiles work pretty well and you can simply adjust some stuff to your liking - at least with following sims I did not have configuration issues: rfactor2, AMS2, iRacing, AC, ACC, R3E.



Thanks for sharing.
As somebody in the process of moving away from sc2, this is highly relevant information.

Can you share any details on filters available in each solution? Both quantity and quality?
Last quedtion: Any thoughts on low force level feedback around the center when driving?

Thanks again!

Just thinking about the Fanatec QR makes me lose my desire for that product
I remember the pests that were thrown on Thrustmaster QR and its thread with the screw. But on a DD? Never

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So you have SC2 but you want to switch? To what? And what are the reasons?
Regarding Filters available, now with the newest drivers of Fanatec, the options for me as an average skilled “wheel setup user” both products are close with some advantages on the SC2 side (e.g. manipulation of directinput signals - which you would not want to touch most of the time).
Damping, Friction, Inertia settings are similar in both wheelbases.
Lowforce feedback is similar in both, they also do not need any artificial enhancing of low force effects which can be expected with such high torque and high-priced wheelbases (!).
The differences for me are rather the felt fidelity, precision and speed of the effects; and I say “felt” for a reason as I can’t say for sure, that lag of signals is higher in DD2 than in SC2 Pro for example.
Another thing that surprised me most, specifically with GT3 cars in iRacing: the cars are much simpler to drive with the SC2 Pro than with the DD2, much more controllability when braking and out of corners -> not that it would make me faster, but more secure on the track. I hated GT3 in iRacing, now I have actually fun driving them.
It is also a question of how competitive I want to be and how much time do I have? My aspiration (for example in iRacing) is to be in the top 2-5% of the active driver fields in a given championship. If you have an average of 1 hour per day online racing/practicing, that is achievable more easily with a good direct drive base as it is with a G29 -> you can be an alien with a G29 of course, but it takes longer to get there as you need to learn things blindly instead of having precise feedbacks to help mastering a car/track.

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No, but I’m thinking of reselling my simucube 2 pro for a VRS.
Wait 3 months to get an old simucube 2 version, pay a subscription, not for me.

They way things unfolds with online subscription nonsense, I’ll probably move to Simagic Alpha when it gets released.

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