Has Kunos nerfed Simucube in favour of Fanatec

Just been driving the new 1.9 version of ACC and the FFB is truly terrible - it’s become incredibly vague and unfeeling, and then suddenly there’s a lurch or a rush in the FFB. It’s very “lumpy” now and makes controlling the car almost impossible.

I spoke with my brother who runs Fanatec gear and he says he’s not noticed much difference other than it might be slightly more detailed than before.

So have Kunos nerfed Simucube in favour of their sponsor Fanatec?

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Looks like it’s not just Simucube.

Haven’t tested myself yet, will try it out today.

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Cool, well not cool, but it’s good to lay that little conspiracy theory to rest :wink:

if that’s true, which I still can’t believe.
that’s unfair competition “unlauterer wettbewerb”. this is forbidden by law in germany.

Kunos is Italian so nothing Germany can do,

Also it would be unprovable in any event.

Fanatec is a german company. :wink:

And it’s not proven either, it’s just a feeling. My setups were no longer usable after an rF2 update, that just happens sometimes.

Can report same with my sc2 pro using your settings @Andrew_WOT

Something is definitely off.
In corners, especially slow one, car feels floaty with almost no FFB, reminds of AMS2 Default+ behavior as if it were just sliding there, no proper Kunos trademark resistance buildup.
Also SAT after regaining traction seems to be harsher than before as if Dynamic Damper not doing proper control of wheel return, could be related to issue one, as resistance almost like Off and On.
Definitely tire model change related issue.
Well, we can only wait for Kunos to patch it, nothing wheel settings can change.

Well, that’s what I feel as well, floatness.

new ffb sucks hard indeed


So I followed somebody’s advice on kunos forum and deleted app data/AC2 folder and I must say it feels a lot better with same Td and game settings i was using pre 1.9
Might be placebo tho

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I will try this this afternoon as I saw the same suggestion on Kunos forum.

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Few things that helped me “fix” it.

  1. Positive toe, somehow aggressive preset even on new cars is using negative toe, and this is straight from Aris’s physics notes “Excessive negative toe at the front will result in some vagueness around the centre”. Making it zero or slightly positive significantly improves steering sharpness.
  2. Tire pressure, until they are between 26 and 27 and warmed up, the cars are very slidey in corners.
  3. Slip angle, if tires are in the zone and you still feel like ice skating through corners, try to decrease steering input, seems like slip angle is even less than before so you need to keep making minute small correction to keep tires in the grip zone, grip drop off feels more pronounced now.

After getting over less pronounced or narrower window of in turns resistance buildup, the feedback actually feels much more communicative, bumping up gain to accentuate small forces in corners also helps.
And another thing, as feedback got more dynamic, SAT gets more pronounced as well, haven’t tried to increase dynamic damping to counter yet, but if you feel wheel ripping out of your hands after regaining traction, try to bump it up past 100%.

Hope that helps.


Good article just dropped on RD.

5 Ways you Must Adapt in ACC 1.9 Update


Thank you @Andrew_WOT. What the SAT means?

Self Aligning Torque, tendency of tire to align with the direction of travel.

FFB created from self aligning torque is maybe one of the most important features of a steering wheel. The information you get Fe for rally cars is totally important. Back when I started with rally games I had (and I still admire him for his absolutely great per car per stage setups) kind of a hero, a Japanese simdriver named TakeGaki. His brief explanation:

Immagine 2023-04-25 183728
setting dor to 1200° as per the max value allowed to the game and sine di = 0 - like I have it in my AC profile - made a huge improvement in my opinion. as always ingame gain +/- 50% dynamic damper 100% and the rest at zero.
might add a bit of friction/inertia maybe.
let me know what you think.


It was actually the first thing I have done after 1.9 update, maxing out DOR in ACC and matching it in TD.
It did helped but probably not as much as toe change, or may be I just get used to it, but I LOVE it now.


Stupid question: what is DOR ?!

DOR: Degrees Of Rotation

Thanks @Andrew_WOT for digging into this.