Has anyone made Euro Truck Sim work?

Hi Guys.

I cannot get any FFB in Euro Truck Sim 2 using the new software/firmware thingy.

I have found the instructions to go back to MMoS which worked OK for ETS2 but it appears to involve opening the case and doing some manual reset. Wondered if anyone had got ETS2 working before I get the Screw Drivers out.

If they have can they suggest some settings or provide details of what to do. I would appreciate it.

Regards. …Jon.

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Euro truck sim series of games uses a lot of canned, not physics based effects to create FFB feeling. Most of these effects are not implemented in SimuCUBE firmware yet. I did most of them last week, but I need to optimize them quite a bit and do some testing before I can release it as a beta version.

Hi Mika.

Thanks for the reply. I appreciate it.

I’ll leave my wheel as it is and wait on the new firmware release. You are doing amazing work and I can only begin to imagine whats involved.

There is no urgency for this now I know it’s on your development map. It’s not a vital part of trucking but I liked the way the wheel vibrated like the big diesel engine was making everything hum as I’m trucking along to some euro pop internet radio.

Thanks again. …Jon.

I’m also waiting patiently tly for this support. Great work Mika and can’t wait to get my wheel tomorrow and Installing this firmware.

  • Thomas

Unfortunately I will only have time at the end of next week, when I will most likely import some optimized signal libraries to the firmware, and convert code to use them.

No estimated time for release.

Looking forward to this too!!
Can I assume that your work on Euro Truck Sim will transfer to American Truck sim since they are both made by the same company?

Can’t really say. I don’t have any games from that series yet. Which would be the best to have and test?

Euro Truck Sim would probably have a larger audience since it has been out longer.
And since you are Europe based it will fit you better.

I’m not intending to start playing these titles. It will be mainly with a Simucube and a small mige attached to my office desk, with no pedals or button plates, just to verify force levels etc.

Then go with the cheaper of the two since I believe the internal working of both of them are the same.

@Mika when you get to the test/verification phase shoot me a message, happy to gift a copy to you (least we could do for the effort you’ve put forth). My son, all of 4 years old, enjoys American Truck Simulator though mostly to honk the horn and yell at me to drive faster when cars pass us. It would be nice to have a better driving experience [grin]

It appears that I had gotten Euro Truck Simulator 2 from some Steam sale. So I’m covered on that part. Lets see if I can get the next beta out before Christmas!

Surely not a primary task, but any news on possible progress on this ETS2 and ATS topic?
At the moment, since I don’t want to lose the possibility to fully use this 2 sims, it’s the only thing that prevent me to try the new Ioni firmware on other supported sims (mainly Assetto Corsa).
Thank you

I have implemented a lot more effects, and I intend to test them with a few titles before the next release. ETS2 is on the list.


Great to hear and thank you for the prompt answer! :+1:

I have made the “truck” rig for ETS2. Check it on my Fb “LAR555”

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We drooled over it in our internal chat. Great job!

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Can you post the settings you use in the SimuCUBE Directinput effects section, and also if you have adjusted any effects in the game itself. That would be fantastic, as we know there are a lot of fans and good modding community for these titles.

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No problem :wink: give me couple days to visit the client. But ffb is mainly about the sine effect if I remember correctly.


Laurynas, I luv that track-sim, nice work :slight_smile:


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