Granity , Ioni Software

Hello everybody , Hello Mika ! A simple question !!! when Granity software will have a simple task like automatic adjust of motor parameter !!! Seems to be pain in the ass to do a simple adjustment of motors !!
I trusted Ioni and i think maded a mistake spending more than 1000 euro for nothing ! bad choice … was better for me to invest money in something like Clearpath or better
and the second question when will be ready a plugin for Mach 4 or mach 3 ?
Best regards Daniel Rusu

Hi Daniel

IONI measures the motor resistance and inductance, which equals to torque tuning. Position and velocity tuning is still manual. Automated motor tuning is planned, but there’s no estimate for that yet.

What kind of setup do you have?
What is the issue in the tuning process?

Kind regards,

There is a Mach 4 plugin beta available on this forum, here:

It has not been developed further as there appears to be almost no interest in anyone testing it. We would welcome any testers.

I must chime in here with my 2 cents. Although there is not (yet?) full autotuning implemented, using the tuning manual:
and the built in capture scope makes tuning a fckn breeze - you literally have good results in minutes.
Add to that the high quality documentation (it IS damn nice, especially considering they are not some Kollmorgen size company), high reliability (not only by RMA specs they publish but the field reliability has proven to be serious thing even in somewhat out of spec conditions) and I would say, that the “nothing” you have there is something worth closer look on the documentation to get the tuning right. And as a cherry on top - you can talk with core people, either on feature requests or customized functions, or even here in this thread, try that with Parker or similar…

What considers Mach 3/4 plugin, probably it should be also announced on CNCZone, would gain more interest and testers for sure.