Granity Configuration File for Simucube with 230V Lenze Servo

Hi guys

There are Granity config files for all simucube combinations with mige servos in the GD simucube wiki. But none for the Lenze servo.

Would really appreciate it if anyone could share a standard/default configuration file for the Lenze (simucube, ioni pro hc, meanwell 960watt powersupply).

thank you

Thanks Marc for bringing the request up! i am also very interest since i am building one too and i am having hard times finding examples to fallow, Team please copy me on it too!

in advance Thanks.

Lenze model number would be required, we might have some files.

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Hi Mika

Its the Lenze MCS12H15LC

I know Beano is using the same servo aswell but I can’t get in touch with him, Wrote him a PM in two different simracing forums. Maybe he is at the SimExpo? :wink: I told a friend of mine to look out for you and your “printed out links” at the expo… Iooking forward to the new Beta firmware and I am abandoning my trusty Argon OSW because of it.

Thanks for your help!

I am here :slight_smile: Which forums have you tried to reach me? Anyway, give me your email address and I see what I can find for you :wink:

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Hello guys

I have a Lenze motor (MCS12H15LC) and I would like to build a SimCube controller.

I have selected the below items and I would like to ask you two things.
1/ is the list correct
2/ If yes what kind of cables do I need to connect the SimCube controller to the motor and how can I buy those?

Thanks a million!

Hey Marc,

I have Lenze MCS12H15LC with Meanwell SDR 960 and Simucube, I will share my granity file when I jump on my pc in an hour or so @McErono

Hey Jon @JonPaulBoyd

can you pls help me with my request as well.

is the list correct and what type of cables you are using.


Hey @pvez

I would hate to misguide you. I originally had a Dennis Reimer Argon/Lenze setup. I sold the Argon, kept the Lenze, and Tomo from SimRacingBay set me up with a Simucube with Meanwell SDR960 solution. I sent him my Lenze cables which he rewired for me.

Hey @JonPaulBoyd

I am exactly at the same position :slight_smile:

Did you a difference on the performance/resolution of the Lenze with the Simcube?


Hmm, good question! Lenze with Argon was very good, however with Simucube and Granity we get a few additional filters which does enhance the ffb. I switched primarily to “future proof” (as much as anything can be future proofed) and be able to benefit from the new opensource firmware (next week, whoop!).

I can highly recommend Tomo from SimRacingBay to sort you out with an upgraded solution for your Lenze, I’m very happy with mine.

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Thanks! I already sent an email to Tomo

Hehe, we are all in the same boat with our past Argon Lenze!

Beano, I wrote you on and another french forum I just forgot the name of :wink:

Thank you all guys, really nice of you!!

Please just attach the file to this thread and maybe GD can add it on their wiki page.

Pavlos, Phillip aka Beano should be able to answer your question, he is THE pioneer of Simucube. But as far as I know the 480watt powersupply is not strong enough for the Lenze, at least if you want to fully utilize its strength. If you buy the 960watt powersupply you are on the safe side but the acryl simucube case wont fit anymore I think.

Here’s my Simucube Lenze MCS12H15L Granity config… I spent quite some time tweaking and fine tuning it, following Brion Sohn’s excellent tuning guide, so that this one config feels just lovely with a variety of cars from the skippy to the 488 to the HPD

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thanks @McErono

@phillip.vanrensburg Beano hello!

will it be possible to list here the links for the items that I need to buy to build the Simcube and connectthe Lenze motor (MCS12H15LC)

thanks in advance!

Thank you so much Jon-Paul!

Hello Pvez,
I would rather go for the SDR-960-48 PSU, you have to source it elsewhere, and use a custom enclosure, or, then, you can buy the Granite case and SDR-480-48 PSU. This should be ok, I just personally prefer the bigger supply.

Otherwise your list is ok.


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Yes Marc, rather use this file from JP, mine was more to suit my own requirements, which might give quite harsh ffb.


Another question. In the Simcube Wiki it says:

“If you have a motor that comes with pre-made encoder cable with SimuCUBE, IONI or ARGON compatible connector, then simply plug this connector to SimuCUBE X16.”

But if I compare the Argon and Simucube 15pin tables they are not the same?



Can I still just plug my 15pin Argon J1 plug on my Lenze cable to the X16 socket on the Simucube?


When migrating from argon builds with incremental encoder, the plug is compatible. New/different stuff only gets utilized when using advanced encoder types.