Granity Configuration File for Simucube with 230V Lenze Servo

Mika, i need help with my setup!
i been having issues with my setup i am not sure what is going on but Somehow i have steps in the wheel, see video for more reference my setting are in the video

this is the hardware i am using:

SDR-960-48 48V 20A 960W
Danaher Motor Model AKM53G-ANCN2-00

I’m not really an expert in the MMOS settings. If you are losing MMOS settings, please close and shut down everything, then start your SimuCUBE, make firstly sure that your motor phases correctly and the index point is found. Only after that, you should open the MMOS tool.

Someone more familiar with MMOS settings should be able to help here?

Also, before continuing any further, please update your IONI firmware as soon as you can. Version 1100 had major fixes and safeguards against accidentally misusing the system and damaging the braking resistor. You should, of course, install the latest version.

…Wrong thread…

Will do… Thanks.
Question do you know where i can download setting files for Granite software using SDR-960-48 48V 20A 960W and AKM53G-ANCN2-00 Motors?

i just want to compare settings to troubleshoot my problem.

Hey Milton,
Let’s start and set AXS Axis scale to 1 - cosmetic only.

Set FBD feedback device to quadrature enc 1 type.

Let me know what you find.


Phillip, Thank you for helping me out! i did the change and what i notice is that the steps went away but it got stock on the startup process and if i click dont restart it will stay on but with some resistences i alsow try to go in iracing it it will not work i think is becuase it was stack on restarting after the encoder change… see video for references.

Let me know if there is anything else i can try.
Thank you…

Any body know how to Go through the commissioning and tuning stage for this configuration?

Milton, Here is a Lenze file with 4096 encoder settings, not sure if you can use it. Should work:

Guys, here are AKM53K files for both BiSS and SinCos encoders, which you can adapt for your AKM servos:


Thx for sharing the drc files! They are different but i cant decide which is better. Could you guys share the simucube configs as well with us? There are lot of parameters there as well and in iracing app.ini as well and it would be nice to have a base config for those as well

Thank you jn advance for your answers



Hi there all,

I will be making the change to the IONI Pro HC and Simucube setup from the Argon. I have the Lenze MCS 12H15LC motor and I have also ordered the SDR-960-48 PSU to power it.

It was mentioned above but I don’t think it was clearly stated if I need to rewire the encoder connector? I believe the connectors are the same so I’m hoping it would just be a matter of plug & play?

I just found the pinout table for both the Argon & Simucube posted in the links above.
I can see the only differences are pins 4, 11, 12, 13 where pin 4 is GND and 11,12,13 are not used on the Simucube. I assume I can just use the same X16 connector without having to rewire.



Hi Marcello,
Correct, you do not need to rewire the encoder plug…the only change would be to the power cable, which needs to be wired to the Phoenix connector on the Simucube.


Thank you for the confirmation, Beano. Much appreciated.

Ha, you’re welcome, Mate :wink:

Enjoy that Lenze servo, they indeed are very smooth and heaps of fun paired with the Simucube …

I can’t wait! And again, thanks for taking the time to answer my noob questions.
Is there a schematic for wiring the Lenze power to the Simucube somewhere?

EDIT: Solved. I now have the overview of the power connector.

Hi, I currently have a Reimer based OSW with Lenze MCS12H15LC40B0 and thinking about to switch to a Simucube based controller. Is anyone offering a plug’n’play solution for that in Europe?