Getting started issues

Hi all,

Just setup my Simucube Pro 2 and have a couple of questions.

Is it normal when changing profile to get a motor fault?
The actual maximum torque and maximum motor current values are missing - which seems odd?


Which firmware version or software release?

I would advice just making one profile, and then saving settings to Simucube. There shouldn’t be issues after that.

It updated to the latest firmware when I installed it this evening.

So you’re saying not to use profiles?

Use profiles, there should not be any recurring issues. But there might be a glitch just after the first firmware update.

The error I get is 485001. Which sounds to me to be about switching profiles - or rather incorrect values in the profile.

That would be quite strange indeed. What if you create a new profile with the latest firmware,does it always give you errors if you select that new profile? (use e-stop to clear previous errors first.)

If I make a couple of new profiles - it still gives me the issue when I swap between them.

And you are using the latest True Drive version, right?

I have the exact same problem. Just hooked up my new SC2 Pro. True Drive (version 2020.4) updated the motor firmware. Now, most of the time I have Fault Location ID 485001. Cycling the E-Stop works briefly, but as soon as I change a setting in True Drive it shows up again.

Also, don’t know if related, but Actual maximum torque is always 0.0 Nm (0.0 A), even with Overall strength at 100%.

Simucube 2 Software Release: 2020.4
Simucube 2 firmware version: 1.0.18
True Drive version: 1.0.18
Servo drive firmware version: 10821

We will be investigating this after the weekend.

It would help if there was a debug event log from an event that caused the fault.

There is a possibility for a remote support session on Sunday evening European time. Let me know if interested.

Is there a pointer on how to produce such a debug log? Sorry, but I’m new to this software.

I might be able to do remote debugging session Sunday afternoon EDT which should be your Sunday evening.

Try to change profiles with e button released. For me if e button is presed and I change profile simucube just dies

Happy to do some remote debugging.

This happens with the emergency button released. Which I presume should work as it doesn’t warn me otherwise.

I now have an issue where if I quickly move the left the wheel creates friction… kind of like a bump stop - it then beeps at me.

A moment ago it gave me an error of “over voltage” 440205 after doing this.

If I engage the E-stop while changing settings, I do not get the error. My SC2 Pro seems to be working fine other than the error message in True Drive if I change settings with E-stop disengaged.

(This is a huge step up from my CSL Elite 1.1! Love it!)

I raced for a few hours this morning — I didn’t have an issue at all. Most odd.

Also the torque and current readouts have now appeared.

Mine was working completely fine too just now. No errors in TD, even while changing settings with the E-stop deactivated, and It is showing “Actual maximum torque” 25.1 Nm (22.8A). No clue why it is working today, but I’m not complaining.

I am still getting the odd overvoltage error.

Are there any device beeps or other strange happenings when you get the overvoltage error?

Wheel was working ok until I installed the latest update today.

I have power cycled etc

I get a “Motor Faults (cycle e-stop to clear) Overvoltage Power Stage Forced Off Fault Location: 440205” when I move the wheel after High Torque is enabled.

EDIT - this has now cleared itself.