Brand New Simucube 2 pro Overvoltage fault

I was able to use the simucube for a couple hours before randomly getting this fault, turned the unit off then On and then it worked.
This morning the E stop says it’s always depressed and it says getting ready for a drive rather than operational, I have already verified connection of all cables+power cables.


Are you leaving the wheel untouched whilst you power the unit on?

This issue has been reported a few times before and that is one of the things that can make this fault appear.

For the e-stop, can you open up the front cover of the switch and check if the connections are intact?

Yes I am leaving the wheel untouched while powering the unit on. I can check the e-stop as soon as I get home. Is there a possibility the issue is the initial firmware I installed? Should I reset the simucube to factory settings and then reinstall initial firmware on current update? I’m not sure how to do that but that might help as well.

Reinstalling firmware does not really help, as the integrity of the firmware binary is checked on each start and the device would just stay in bootloader mode if the firmware itself was somehow bad.

I will check a few things with @Alec in private.

Ok sounds good Mika, thank you. Are you going to message me? Thank you all very much
When it was working I was having an incredible time

check if cable is inserted 100% (mine was not)
also reduce the strenght to 37% instead of 100% (eliminated the problem aswell)