Generic how to queston when the wheel overshoots center

Hi, if I’m in a game and force feedback centering of the wheel seems to shoot WAY past the center position, what sliders in truedrive should I look to adjust?

The game I’m having trouble with is wreckfest for what it’s worth.

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Take a look at this thread, im willing to help but im wrecking with the old FFB forces, using Direct Input effects.

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Thanks Alfye20!

These are the basic filters:

Friction - more ELECTRONIC weight to the wheel, will slow the wheel at a more rapid pace after the signal.

Inertia - resistance over rotation through applying a signal if the rotation is in the direction that the system does not intent … IE over center.

Skew - Slows the initial reaction of the wheel, slowing acceleration which can help in controlling the end point timing.

And Damping - Adds resistance as the wheel slows to a specified point…

It will take a combination of these to get it working properly but for overshooting generally Damping, Inertia, and Friction are the Keys and Damping and Inertia work closely together.

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Skew is a word and means signal distortion and quitar players would be very familiar with it…

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