Game FFB still active when on end stops

Hi, I haven’t updated my Simucube 2 system for a long time. Perhaps this is now already fixed.

But I noticed, the game FFB is still working when you’re in the lock stops. So when I have a drift car that pulls hard against the lock stops with -90% FFB, and my lock stop counters with +100% FFB, the end result is a lock stop you can turn into with 2 fingers.

Am I doing something wrong here? Or has it been fixed in the latest versions? (It isn’t listed specifically in the updates)

Obvioulsy, once you are beyond the calibrated steering range, all game forces should be turned off so you feel only the SimuCube end stops…

Bumpstop force must be 100%, because that percentage is relative to Overall Strength.
If OverallForce at 100% and bumpstop at 90%, the bumpstops are weaker than 100% ingame force…

This will be much improved in the next firmware release.

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Hey Mika, I read indeed you’re improving the end stop behavior but I wasn’t sure if this ‘game force isn’t turned off in end stops’ thing was on that list, or if I was doing something wrong. :slight_smile:

game forces will indeed be completely nulled at bumbstops, in addition to some safety improvements.

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