Forced to update, lost all profiles

Here I was, happy using the SC2, then it forced me to update which made all my profiles go away.
I downloaded the file i had all the profiles on. It was posted here on the forums and had profiles for many cars.
How can I see the list of all the cars again ? When I upload that ini file it just takes 1 profile out of the entire list of profiles… . :frowning:

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even uninstalling this updated software and trying to download the previous one so i could at least take screenshots of every profile wont work as TD wont even let me access a previous version. Gotta love change pffffff…

You can still downgrade to the 2021.9 if you need to have access to old profile system, but you must follow the downgrade procedure:

Simucube 2 firmware downgrade

After downgrade, you can import the profiles_autobackup.ini file from your 2021.9 directory.

There are also very big warnings about losing your profiles on the download page. Unfortunately we haven’t managed to get an importer tool to work properly yet, and by the time you have upgraded to latest, its already too late as the current release does not have enough memory on the device to hold the all the profiles inside the device anymore.

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thanks Mika, I will try that out ! I just stupidly clicked on update when I turned on the wheel, didnt realise this was gonna be a problem.
I will follow that step and take screenshots of the re imported profiles so i can mirror them in the new software, thanks!

unfortunately , the previous versions all includes that paddock thing. The ones actually without it are not on the site anymore ? If I use a previous one or the one before it always gives me that new profile window :frowning:

the 2021.9 release includes the Classic software still, and you can use the device-saved profiles as normal.

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GREAT! I Must add, that It wanted to update again , and I had to update it, but when the update started I clicked cancel and then it stopped the update and the normal version was working ! :smiley:

Yeah, we added installer in 2021.11 and later, and it also creates shortcuts etc. in that version.

I managed to do it 5 times to get screenshots of the 1 profile I needed most. Its indeed very twitchy. always update it, then click cancel.
(if not greyed out and need to restart) Then import profile.
then it asks to update again.
Click cancel after a few seconds of updating to be able to manage to click the profile.
Take screenshots as much as possible of while scrolling down to try to get all screenshotted.
Then the program stops.

But I managed , so im happy, when im less tired, i will try to recover the other ones aswell :smiley:

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