Force FFB InGame or SimuCUBE

What changes to decrease or increase the force value of the FFB from the game and from the SimuCUBE panel? That is, it is better to keep down the value in game and high the value of the simucube, or find a balance between the two.

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The only place I feel I benefited from lowering simucube ffb is Live for speed. If you use max power in simucube the ffb will be like ticking constantly.

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It really depends on the game but in most cases it is generally better to leave the SimuCUBE at maximum strength (unless there are some servo/PSU) related reasons to set it lower. and then adjust the strength in game. This way as the other excerpt says the SimuCUBE retains its headroom and the game is allowed some room in its output…

Some games send what would be a telemetry signal over 100% which will clip a wheel when the Gain is set to 100% and the Wheel is set to 100%… So if you have the Gain in the Game at say 60% then the game will send a 110% signal tapered down by 60% Gain = 66% and that is what will be sent as a signal for the wheel to use… Where if the game is at 100% sending a 110% signal the game and wheel will clip the signal at 100%

iRacing is the most confusing but actually the most straight forward as far as Feedback level once you learn what is going on as iRacing just sets a 100% point for telemetry and then sends signal based on that 100% point.