First problem with my sc2 pro

hello everyone! :slight_smile:

first my english is bad, sorry.

today I got strange problem with my simucube 2 pro… in the middle of the straight on spa…after eau rouge… my wheel stopped working… base motor just turned off… after that… I press power button to go " off position " because button stayed pressed… I let 20seconds like that and I turned on my base again…

base turned on normally but after maybe 15-20seconds base again turned himself off… and I have message " couldnt connect servo drive, reconnecting "

I upload “unlisted” video for you, so only people with link can see video ( you )

again sorry for my languague :slight_smile:

edit: all cables are connected and checked… this is my pc only for simracing and everything is 100% ready for drive 0-24h :slight_smile:

Interesting. Please make a support ticket via our website.

okay Mika, I just created a ticket 1minute ago… request (3778)

hey guys, I just give it a try again…

I turned “on” base… everything seems ok… beeping sound from turning on… Blue/Red lights flashing behind base just like normally…

and then after 20seconds… from whatever reason… beeping sound again, disconnected, base turned off… and only blue light stayed behing base… but light not flashing, just staying … I upload 2 photos

now after disconecting I have constant bllue light with red but very slowly… you can see on video… :tired_face:

You could try a different USB port for the connection or powered USB hub. Most likely Granite support can suggest also something.
Also check the powercables are connected to the powerbrick properly etc. Maybe you already have though.

I tested 4 or 5 usb cables…1 from simucube, 1 new usb cable from pc store… 1 from printer… 1 from heusinkveld pedals and 1 from my old fanatec v3 pedals… no way all cables are bad :slight_smile:

I also try in 5-6 different ports on motherboard… also tryed on my second working pc, nothing… tryed different wall outlets… in different house rooms…nothing, my base just dont want to start at all anymore… completely dead :frowning:

Hardware failure although rare is always a possibility.

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yeah I know that… Im normal person… you can buy Porsche GT3 Rs… and after 10.000km engine can go wrong… otherwise… you have 100000 Porsche’s gt3 rs on nordschleife what driving all the time in 9000rpm… and they never got problem… :slight_smile: I understand all… I love simucube and I have big respect but this is electronic… not magic :slight_smile:

What I meant is: you should get it checked, fixed or replaced… Or all of those.

Same here … jyst wont work. Im sorry i ever sold my DD1

“Same here” means what? You have the same symptom as the thread start post?

If you haven’t been able to solve it, create a support ticket and Granite will tell you what to do.

Just recently drove few hours with DD1 and it was a revelation to get back home and drive with my SC2 again. So just get your SC fixed and you are going to be happy.

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Thanks man. I did all that and simucube replaced the unit. Have to say their after sales customer service is second to none. I couldn’t race for 6 days and i was walking around in circles like rainman. :joy:

Big shout out to Miki and the team :clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2::trophy::beers::beers::beers::beers::beers:

Then I would go for the replacement, then check and fix the one I sent in. So they can resend it to me… sorry: resend her to me…yep… looks like the best way it should be processed…:kangaroo:

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O ooo, six pm, AC time…o ooo…on off on off on and go… 6.15pm…o ooo… didn’t crash…restart needed to be in time for the 6.42 crash…o ooo… still gotta get ready for the daily shit storm from Andrew… hot water burn baby



Skipped your meds again? :rofl:

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You are angry… not good. And you were too late, more than 12 seconds!! Not nice, not at all…

images (1)~2


hello guys!

Im here again… I receive new sc2 pro base from simucube company and my reseller… 2 and a half month ago I think…

all work good… but I notice 3 things…

  1. thing is… in my new package I didnt receive “simucube” power supply like in my first sc2 pro r2… this time I receive “meanwell” gst360a48-c6pgr

I heard for meanwell only good words, but I just want to check it with you…

  1. thing… Im “neat” person and I like to have my all staff clean and like new, always… you can buy things from me… phone, mouse, pc, monitor, keyboard… after years of using and you can sell il like new.

I clean all my equipment with dry ultrasoft microfiber cloth and with ultra soft brush for car interior detailing… to remove dust… but my color from base going of… every day more and more… I really hate it… My eyes only going on that place where color missing :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: can you guide me how to fix it please?

  1. thing … my base have 3 different colors…

-front of base have dark black color ( little shinny )

-middle of base have little brighter black color or very dark silver ( full matte )

-back of base have very dark black color ( little shinny like front )

maybe you think “look this idiot” for me but its just me and how I treat things.

thank you.

I would never call you an idiot, or worse, just because you handle and maintain everything with so much care. The way you describe yourself let me assume that you consider it a bit much aswell.
I never paid attention to the colour of my Simucube 2. All I did was checking if there are obvious damages.
I clearly learned something: I have to pay more attention, not necessarily as much as you do, but more. Interesting detail, the one on power brick
What I gonna do right now is to have a look at mine, It’s 2 years old.
Ok: my Sport has no colour spots, no colour differences on the main body. Back plate of course is different. But the rest has a black, shiny finish. Wish you a nice Sunday, and that the problem get solved :four_leaf_clover:

PS: I also have to admit that my Sport could look like shit. I can’t hardly see her behind the front mount. I consider Simucube 2 as extremely good.