F1 2021 Settings?

Hello! Anyone have any settings for F1 2021 that they’re happy with? I’m trying SuperMonaco_GP’s settings from F1 2020 settings and they’re not bad, but I am having a lot of trouble catching slides because it seems like I can’t feel them until after they’re too far gone. This could just be bad FFB in the F1 games, or maybe I’m just not very good with F1 cars (I’m not) but it could also be that 2021 does FFB differently.


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hi, can’t help you with 2021 since i haven’t even tried it yet

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Thanks, these are very different than I was using. I tweaked them slightly (lowered force to 18Nm and minor fiddling with the in-game settings) and I actually seem to be doing better with them than the previous ones, after the adjustment period. I missed those in the search. I’m able to catch more slides, but sometimes the car just slides out with zero feel or warning whatsoever, which I think is a game limitation that I just need to get better around. Or maybe I’m just not great with F1 cars vOv

Either way, thanks for that link!

Steam offered a free weekend to try out F1 2021. I am extremely disappointed. Car physics is imo worse than 19/20. I tried WRC 10 aswell and that is a total flash in the pan, especially sounds are crap. F1 should have an addressable traction control. If they manage to have brake bias,fuel mix (everything very important) they sure can do that for TC. So far is only possible to choose in preferences and not while in game

f1 banned tc since 2008

Fuel mix is disabled in 2021 cars in the game per real life, although the 2020 cars in game still have it as it was still a thing in real life last year, traction control is an assist option in the menus as real life cars don’t have it. Having it as an in-game option would not make sense in any sim fashion.

The car physics are very hit or miss, as is the AI, I’ll absolutely give you that. The TC option while racing wouldn’t make sense though.

Fuel mix I have addressed, aswell as break bias, mgu±, would be nice to have TC to turn on sometimes and change level

Know that. In game settings/preferences there is a possibility to choose from none to high. Just would be nice to have direct access to this as well (for me). For situation with very cold tyres, damages fe

Maybe I’m wrong but a lot of games have the possibility of TC on/off plus TC steps up/down, motormapping on/off plus steps up/down.