F1 2020 settings

Hey guys! Struggling to get a decent set up, what settings are you rocking? :slight_smile:

at the moment:

Thank you Stefan worked a treat!!

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Got this setting with F1 2019 and kept for F1 2020

good morning, I’m trying your settings, but I can’t drive, the steering wheel is too hard to help, consider that my OSW Simube is 30NM, what can I do?

can you send a picture from than what you have?

Reduce the strength.

I confirm that I own simucube 1: “SimuCube Augury V OSW 30NM”, maybe I have made some wrong configurations?

the probelama is not the FF, that’s right, but the steering is hard to turn, I would like to have a softer turn and more FF on the curbs

in the setup from Vincent is 4,4 Nm in save mode. So what Mika write is the Best way

I’m sorry, write more clearly, I don’t know English well, explain to me what to do, thanks

what I have read is in the game the power to 75% and then in the steering wheel as far down as you personally like it best

so do you recommend these settings? , both in-game, and in simucube 1 setup?

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edit : I noticed it’s better to set equal steering and bumpstop range, otherwise there will be dead zones near the end of the rotation which is quite annoying with just 360° in total.
I also lowered bumpstop angle to 10°, anything else stays the same.
I must admit I am positively surprised by this F1 2020, never enjoyed any F1 title untill now.