F1 2019 Pro not recognised

Can’t get my Pro to work in F1 2019. Get a message that they are not recognized at the start so is there anything I can do? Or is it a case of getting F1 2021 ( hope its recognized there )

btw: am running Win11 but Pro worked without problems in iRacing

It seems that many users aren’t able to play this one, judging by the threads I’ve seen although there is a post here that might possibly help?

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tah, had a look and may try it but I think if F1 2021 recognized the SC2 Pro without problems I may try that. Can anyone confirm F1 2021 works?

Personally I have not played F1 2021 but it does work on F1 2020 and I have seen a couple streamers with SC2’s playing F1 2021 no problem

Yeah, the thing is that once we sorted some development units out to Codemasters to officially support Simucube 2, they were already doing F1 2020 with no releases/updated planned for F1 2019. We did, however, solve some early issues already with F1 2018.

Recently, in 2020 and in 2021, the difficulty has been that the test units are in the offices, and UK has been on lockdown for much of the year…