SC2 Sport and problems with F1 2019

Hi there fellow simracers.
I just have bought the SC2 Sport and I love it in games as Assetto Corsa and other sims, but I can’t seem to get any kind of input from the wheel in F1 2019.
I try to map steering and other functions but can’t get any reaction in game.
Why does it say that one or more devices are not connected?
Is the old TS-PC screwing up something?
I didn’t want to delete the TS-PC profiles as I have to still use that wheelbase until I get the SC2 working.
The rim at the moment is a Sim Racing Coach USB converted Sparco R383 and I have a Polsimer F74LED formula wheel coming next week.
What can I try to get SC2 working in F1 2019?
Hopefully this picture makes it more clear to understand the problem:


So for Simucube2 I made a new custom system configuration, eliminating my old trustmaster, the problem is that even in doing so with Codemasters F1 2019 it is not easy to set this steering wheel, it is already written in other posts related to the topic, I hope that soon be better implemented

I wonder if Codemasters will update 2019 anymore, there are full on working with 2020 now.

But don’t you think that I should be able to play it at all with my SC2? I’ve seen many people play F1 2019 with their SC2:s, one of them is Will Ford with his Ultimate. I think it’s a setting problem in my case?

I can play smoothly, I have SC 2 Ultimate

It probably won’t allow to use any TS PC preset in-game as you likely do not have it connected anymore. I would make a new controller preset.

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can you provide some game and TD settings? thanks

in game settings not change

Thanks for the screen :),

in game you have not set the FF?

no, I use my own original settings

Hi Mika - Hopefully 2020 is supported; please let us know if it is.

I bought 2019 when I got my SC2 and wish I had discovered this forum beforehand. :confused:

Take care

I actually got mine to work relatively well, I just had to delete all profiles in-game and make new ones for the Simucube/wired steering wheel combination.
I’m struggling with ffb settings though, at the moment I have full force in TD and turn it down in-game.
I tried @turquaze22 settings but they felt very loose, I may have had in-game ffb too low though.


Ingame FFB must be 75 in the slider,
+75 ingame causes too much clipping beeps notifications, -75 causes loose and unprecisse steering
The other effects are not DXinput effects so keep that under 25 to aleviate Constant force noises .
WHEEL weight is the only DXinput Filter, damper to be exact but keep that OFf and apply some servo damping and friction if you like


Do you have a screenshot of your TD and in-game settings that I can try?

Try it but the controls are still vague and imprecise to me.

Raise or lower TrueDrive Overall Strength until you can achieve a decent feeling:


Hi there, thx for the print screen of the true drive software ( I also have SC2 Ultimate). Do you mind sharing your in game settings as well for F1 2019 or F1 2020? Cheers