Eeprom Write cycle

I have read that the profiles are being saved to An eeprom on the simucube2.

Is this something i should keep in mind when Creating / updating profiles? Let’s say i do about 100 Changes /week… would this give any problems in the coming 5-10years?

If the lifespan of the eeprom exceeded, could this easily be replaced?


There is no separate EEPROM chip. The settings are written on block in the flash memory on the microcontroller (CPU). The manufacturer of these microcontrollers quarantees at least 10000 write cycles on the flash, it should be enough for the lifetime of the product. Probably there is a very large margin before they start to fail. Also, there haven’t been any related issues in the lifetime of Simucube 1 yet.


10000 write cycles with 100 changes in a week will last you 1 year 11 months, guaranteed.
Nothing to worry about, SC3 will be out way before that. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

On a serious note, may be hitting that Save button only for fully tuned profile, not after each and every change, is not such a bad idea. I know some people even have car specific profiles, so it’s not just per title save.

With MMos only one profile was stored in EEPROM and the rest was in a file system, SC2 as SC1 are still young, so it’s not an issue now, but may be when things get less busy GD can consider similar practice or at least give option on where to store profiles, if that’s even possible with current HW.

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Yes would je a shame if simucube has to ben thrown away after some years because of An eeprom that costs only some euro. If saving profiles to other location is possible that would eliminatie that possible problem. I Mean dd Wheels are supposed to be built to last… :slight_smile:

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Our long term plan is to remove the save button and the firmware will decide in the background on when to save.

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Please don’t do that and let user decide when the change must be permanent or not.

Same for me, we won’t have any control over the write cycle anymore.
Is saving profiles to another location not An options?

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What would that other location be? No planned changes at the moment.

I have thought about this aswell, but not bothered writing this question on the forum.
But I think it is iimportant not to use the flash-memory to save settings if it only have 10000 write-cycles, only for important firmware upgrades, even though it is very highly possible it will not happen for a normal user to write that much.

Hence, there are some POWER-users out there @Mika. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I know, thats why we are considering removing the save button and having firmware save the settings automatically at power-down, or something like that.

Or, please suggest another way to make users not press the save button so often. Perhaps limit it to be pressed only once per hour?


It depends on if the changed settings is getting applied directly to the FFB after editing, without saving it to the flash-memory, and the settings getting lost if turning off the Simucube.

If it works like that, I guess it is okay to save to the flash-memory, if any changes are made, after poweroff, and with the user permission.

Hence, if a user makes any changes of a profile, the user feels that directly in the FFB.
If satisfied, the user presses the save button, and Truedrive software confirms that and notifies the user that changes will be saved to flash-memory after poweroff, or something like that.

Though, if it is required to save the changes on the flash-memory to feel the changes having made, it is another case, because as a user, I may change a profile for my needs, several times until I am satisfied. Limiting the flash-memory saves each hour, or only on poweroff, is not good in this case.
The only thing that can somewhat reduce number of actual saves, is to warn the user of limited writes to the memory, sadly it is…

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settings are applied to the device automatically. There used to be a notification of that, but it was taken out for some reason (not my decision). So save button only has to be pressed for permanent saving.

So changing slider values without clicking the write button does not touch thé eeprom.

Can the status (nr of writes) be shown in the software somehow?

Unless we can change things so we can run the device in high torque mode without the software i almost see no point in ever saving profiles to eeprom.

Once the software is open and we have enabled the high torque it is trivial to select the profile we intend to run and only keep it in memory.

I would certainly prefer to have the option to know when saves are being made rather than having auto saving slowly degrading the lifespan on a wheel which theoretically should last a really long time.


Working on a temporal file on “My Docs” for example.

Power on SC2 loads profile from eeprom then auto create the temp file with those profiles.

Save button only saves to temp file.

No changes made to temp file, no auto save at power OFF.

Changes are saved to temp file by the loved button, changes are saved to eeprom at power OFF.

Auto save on power off, user prompt, all that sounds like over-engineered and confusing to end user solution.
MMOs saves all profiles in MMosForceFeedback.ini file located in the same directory as executable.

But it’s just plain standalone exe without install, for those with install, the best practice for user specific settings, files is User\Documents.

MMOs app starts, the default is loaded from EEPROM, then you can pick up one from the list and it’s loaded from disk into memory. Can TD do the same, you need to choose profile anyway, does it really matter where it gets loaded from?


Actually, it is possible to not save it to the eeprom.
If you use the import and export buttons, and ignore the “save settings to Simcube” text blinking.

So actually, you can say that export is save, and import is load.

I think something is backwards here. :joy:

Edit: I guess import though is adding just to the existing, so it is not as easy as I said. I have not tried yet…

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Can someone explain to me how exactly Ture Drive works. If I change a setting in True Drive, do I need to Save to Simucube for the change to take effect? How about when I change the profile in True Drive, do I have to do anything else for the change to take effect or is it done instantly?

Switching profile switches the profile instantly on the device.
Changes to any profile parameters are applied to the device once every second (if any changes.)
Save button saves the settings on the device permanently.


Done instantly.

Thanks for the info. So what exactly is the point of saving to Simucube? We have to start up True Drive to enable High Torque mode, why not just load profiles from disk and use those?

Also where do the profiles at True Drive start up get loaded from? Simucube or the last used ones? So for example if I save my settings to Simucube and then change one parameter (lets say reconstruction filter from 3 to 5) and don’t save it to Simucube, what will the value of the setting be once True Drive is restarted (3 or 5)?