EA Sports WRC - Simucube 2 Support

Hardware used:

Simucube 2 PRO
CUBE Controls F-PRO
Venym Atrax 3


Isn’t it October 30?

Interesting wheel choice in this video, but great to have confirmation : )

Right, official release is November 3, I believe Early Access starts October 30, depending on your time zone.

Finally someone that doesn’t talk about graphics, fancy “paint your car” sections. It’s about physics

Physics Analysis of the Physics Analysis (Gravel)

not gonna lie, the ffb is pretty bad on this game, i was hoping it would be better than DR2 but it’s not

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Can confirm that WRC works with Simucube 2 out of the box (at least with my pro) - No XML editing needed despite not being officially supported.

FFB IMO is similar to DR2.0, but seems to have been tuned to be more weighty - I’m just using my DR2.0 profile so I may need to fiddle with that. It’s not terrible FFB - it tells you what you need to know and is immersive enough, but it certainly isn’t t rF2 or ACC.

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Average game, disappointed. the control settings are clunky

The only difficulty I had was setting up the HE handbrake - I couldn’t map it until I actually told the game it was a handbrake and not an “unknown device”. You can do this for all attached devices - pedals, shifter, handbrake, wheel. Maybe you need to do that.

my sprint pedals need doing that very time i start the game, it’s very annoying

Seems like it is a terrible disappointment. FFB similar to dirt 2.0, last minute changes on triple monitor support, a lot of claims that car behaviour is not on tyre physics but through rotation around a pivot point, micro studders…
Check out the post from Boosted media, Will couldn’t make it through a single stage. I can’t share the link, or there is none. But the statement from Will couldn’t be clearer

Last night i tryed the game and did not get any good FFB, i thought it was just me but i see is the game it self. Anyway if somebody with good FFB setting experience could please share it so i can get the most out of this game, i spent 2 hours setting up but still awfull.

It was the same with Grid Legends (yes, I’ve played it, for like 10 minutes :grinning:).
And FFB menu looks exactly the same, makes me wonder if they share physics engine as tarmac in Grid was the same detail less SAT.
Keep and wait for updates or dump for refund. :thinking:
Sounds like highly criticized Forza is a better choice at the moment, at least FFB feels detailed and sensible enough to actually enjoy driving.

Did you try this already? Is it indeed the same as DR2? If yes, then i ll better stick with forza for a while… maybe will try this after they add vr support and fix the bugs, so at least to only worry about the poor ffb.

Try ULTIMATE RALLY FFB by user LukeSmall from the TD online profiles.

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I was on Fanatec when I tried Grid Legends, but definitely not my favorite FFB either, and I’m not sure I even made it to 10 minutes. The FFB in EA’s WRC fortunately feels fine to me with the online profile I mentioned to PMX360.

Bigger issues for me are the lacking telemetry support (“will be added later”) and the performance. First time I played I had crazy stuttering and frame drops, after a few restarts it runs mainly smoothly (only played 30 minutes so far though), but the whole thing feels a bit like a WIP. Then again, this is Early Access.

And yeah, regarding Forza it’s a shame how many people dump on it for no good reason. Game looks amazing and has been tons of fun to drive for me.

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I‘m pretty sure that the „FFB engine“ in WRC is the same, or at least heavily based on DR2.0 as I get the same „wheel wobble“ in the menus as I do in DR2.0.

I‘m still using an older version of Truedrive and therfore the firmware associated with it so maybe that was corrected in later versions.

yes, the directinput effects Dirt R… I mean EA WRC creates were completely reworked last year.

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