Drive firmware update error turn system off and on again

My hardware configuration:
Augury 20 nm MIGE

Problems arise when:
-Procede to move from MMOS to SIMUCUBE

A friend of mine with this issue .

OS: W7

Also in difference with my SIMUCUBE interface is that on his SIMUCUBE , the revision is 1(r004), on mine is 2(r005)

Help is welcome :wink:


It is very likely, that the IONI firmware is too old, and does not support the automatic update that SimuCUBE tries to do. Please update the IONI firmware manually via Granity to latest version. Remember to click “Enable IONI USB Configuration” button on the Advanced tab of the Configuration Tool first.

This was also explained in the user guide here:

Also, the “please check these things first” section had this as things to verify:

One more time thanks a lot Sir Mika :wink: everything is working …

I will also try this. It’s exactly the same issue i have…


I have gone through the above. The IONI is now updated but it now just says reconnecting.

So is your system a Simucube? What is the hardware version on the Advanced tab?

Revision 1(r004)
Formware: 0.11.2

Apologies for my lack of knowledge…

Ok, so what is the bus address offset setting in IONI?

Where do I see this?

It is in Granity, once you have connected to the drive.

OK I will do screen shots

Electrical Interface setting should be Simucube.

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Still no joy, but I have a new error now too!
Something about the voltage is too lo low. I notice when I restart the wheel it’s not smooth through the phasing stage.
I dont really want to open th ebox without some advice so will see what people say first

Tell us your fov and fuv settings in granity. Or make a drc backap of the settings in granity and upload it to check it.

settings.drc (9.4 KB)
I think this is what you mean?

Your Electrical Interface is not Simucube.

On Fault Limits tab, your overcurrent Fault Tolerance should be set to Maximum.

These do not explain the voltage errors you are seeing. What does the HV Bus Voltage look like on your system?

Hi Mika,
How do I find that out?

The HV Bus voltage is shown on the testing tab in Granity.