Doubt new firmeware Simucube for Assetto Corsa

Hello good day…
I wonder if for those who run fairly in Assetto Corsa, if the new firmeware, even without full support, has advantages?
Or is it not worth going out of my way to simucube in this current version?
thank you

For AC I highly recommend the new firmware.
It’s great now and will only get better :slight_smile:

You so need to try the new firmware in AC …

Show, will I upgrade anyway, any configuration suggestions for my kit, please?
My kit is a simucube + ioni pro hc and a big mige 130st m15015
thank you

I made an update, how to follow it so I can configure
My kit is a simucube + ioni pro hc and a great mige 130st m15015

thank you

I’m using it like this now, though, I do not know if this is correct to use this way for my set, what’s happening this way

When I am in a corner, during the corner, the steering wheel is a little apathetic when it comes to understanding the grip of the front tires, I can not feel the grip of the front tires.

and when I’m standing with the car, the car has no force, it’s extremely light, the force only acts when the car moves.

This is known,as Assetto Corsa is unsupported. It uses game settable damping effect to give feel to the wheel at standing car, and that effect is not implemented yet.

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Many thanks for the answers …
Another doubt, then in Assetto Corsa, the absence of these effects does not influence anything with the moving car, right?

I don’t actually know if AC uses changing damping effect while driving. It could. Once we have fixed these current usb issues, then it should be straightforward to get debug data and implement the effects for a bunch of new titles…

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What I can clearly see is an absence of fb with the car stationary …
But I have a feeling that when doing the curves, the curve fails, does not receive correct information of the grip, maybe it is placebo … but I believe it is real …

I updated, because they told me that it would be great for the assetto too, taking the absence of ffb stopped, but maybe the person who indicated me, did not notice it during the curves

@Pole_Position Have you tried a small amount of friction to help in the curves?
Is what your feeling the rubberband effect? if so try some friction.

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Stefano has confirmed several times that AC uses damper ONLY when stationary (up to 3kph)

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Yes, but even adding friction, the effect of interpreting the grip of the front tires does not exist …
I feel only the weight of the force a little bigger and smaller, but without feeling the grip.

Maybe I’m not expressing myself well, because I’m using a translator.

Try a small amount of dampening to slowdown the overshoots. Is it the same for recon 1 higher values add inertia.

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I loved this update, the effects are with more life.
The center of the steering wheel, it is more firmly, the question of 0 to 3 km without the damping, is something relevant, and tranquil to be without updating, but the negative to the assetto, and not feel the grip of the front tires during the turns. .
Yes, I already had enough tests with damping and friction, and nothing … really has something or with the update, or with me in the way I set it.

Simucube was a show in iracing, and in Assetto too,

but in the assetto the fact that I did not feel the grip of the front tires during the turns, made me sad, I will wait to leave the simucube with support to the assetto

And I’ll find a way to get back to the mmos, as soon as I leave the support, I’ll go back to simucube

good morning, how are you?
about yesterday’s update, the new damping effect function, I understood, that this effect, was to only work when the car is stopped, right?
because here when I’m with the car in motion, the effect continues to act, is this way?

Assetto Corsa sets the effect and reduces the damping when the speed increases. Firmware can’t change this, but at least the effect is now implemented. You can control the strength of the effect with the new slider that is in the Configuration Tool.

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In fact, there is a slight possibility that there is some always-on damping running if there is an effect. I also noticed this very, very slightly in iRacing, but it just might be placebo for now.

I did, just now, re-check the code and if the damping slider is indeed set to 0 %, the damping cannot be in use.:thinking:

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To me, it felt as if there was still some damping on when driving at speed as the wheel felt a little firmer and more natural. But as you say, it may be placebo!