DiRT RALLY 2.0 and SimuCUBE


I´ve start a post here on the official forum: https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/35427-simucube-software-users/


your settings arent bad, I just dont really like the 0 force reconstruction filter, it feels like I have bubblewrap in my hands on the dirt.

I made a few small adjustments.

I think with this game you just need to pick something you kind of like and just stick with it and get used to it.

untill/less they change the way FFB works.


Do others have little standby shaking in this game whit small mige?




The standby shaking is due to Directinput damping or frictin effect. Does it improve when you turn down their strength?


Yes that was the case indeed. Now all good.


The next firmware update will have improved these type of things as well.


Hello, if I add the commented line ffb_force = “0.9” ffb_friction = “1.5” /> when entering the game and press enter with the keyboard the game does not advance and remains in the dirt rally 2.0 screen, I also have the feeling that the com game that I tremble a lot and I do not have a clear image, you can put your current configuration, thanks


Good morning I have a problem, when I finish off-road and reset the car the steering wheel gives me some very strong jerks, doing right and left without control … What can it be?


I believe it’s an issue with the game itself as I see others voicing similar reports. DR2 has numerous bugs to be solved and one of them is the FFB issues.


try to decrease the suspension parameter


My force feed back quite after update today


Is your ffb still working after update yesterday I have nothing


device id="{0D5A16D0-0000-0000-0000-504944564944}" name=“simucube_osw” priority=“100” type=“wheel” official=“false” />

in device_defines.xml


After V1.4.1, my FFB is also gone. Even when added the device id tag inside the config file.


No FFB here either; controller files will have been replaced by the update so we probably need to repeat the process as outlined by EKSimRacing (link in 1st post in this thread).

Your Action-map file should still be intact.


For me ffb is OK in v1.4.1


Hi, i try to do everything like at eksimracing, but at my game option i did not see option “Force Feedback Override”, and after today update for me nothing change :confused: I don’t know whats wrong. Any sugestion ?


This helps.
<device id="{0D5A16D0-0000-0000-0000-504944564944}" name=“simucube_osw” priority=“100” type=“wheel” ffb_force = “0.9” />

But now there is stupid rumble effects if you set suspension slider over 0. Im going to test best settings and now i use suspension 15 and in simucube recon 2.


my settings