DiRT RALLY 2.0 and SimuCUBE


It seems to be the same, about what i read on the net


man just for the hell of it turned friction (in directinputs) to 25% in simucube and I can instantly drive the cars MUCH MUCH better now.

thanks for the tip


OK, good.

One of the reason why we are going to hide the directinput sliders behind an advanced button - to declutter the UI and to make it more probable that they are set at 100 (or at least not 0) as they should be. All game developers expect them to be at 100.


no, I had everything on 0% and moved the friction slider to 25%
perhaps I am weird, but I am able to complete more stages now without crashing out

edit: I read your comment wrong.

just to clarify do you recommend these sliders to be at 100%? all of them? because all my profiles are at 0% except now for dirt rally. and even that, it’s set to 25% if I set it to 100% I can hardly move the wheel, and even then the other direct input sliders are still at 0%

I will try to set them all on 100% for shits and giggles and see what that feels like.


Yes, 100% is a good starting point. However, friction effect feels more stronger with more powerful wheels (direct drive) so that is why it needs to be set lower.

Some games use Directinput effects in a very good way. Dirt Rally is one of them (friction effect), the European/American Truck Simulators use a bit of everything, etc.

Having Directinput effects at 0 is not recommended at all. You must know what you are doing when you turn them off…


Thanks for the reply, I have only had the OSW for a few weeks, but I have basically been copying simucube settings from other people, like skeijmel etc.

I will have to review all my profiles then.

thanks will get to testing.


ok I have run through all my games and profiles and most give me a little more feel but also in some feel a little more dull.

overall the effects are positive.

thank you.


yeah, most games don’t use the directinput effects at all, so there are no changes if you change the settings.


do you play at raceroom
if yes I can share my settings


hi, no sorry that’s one of the few I do not play im afraid.
AC, ACC, Dirt Rally 1, Dirt Rally 2, automobilista, pcars, pcars2, f1 2018, RBR, iRacing and wreckfest i play mostly.


you should try raceroom
it’s also a very good game


Did you try this? I see in your screens hot that you dont have “direct driver” option in the menu. I use eksim(zappadoc) and i Can choose different from your screenshot. Still miss some ffb from the Wheels slide and stuff


Thomas’s cheques are likely much larger.
He’s got his little poster girl (Sim racing girl) doing a full video showing Rally 2.0 with of course the Podium series.

Always about money…


Hi Andreas,

can you post a screenshot of what you´re explaining please :wink:



Hi guys,

I have an augury for the last 5 month, and playing almost every simracing title around. Dirt Rally 2 is really a cool game, but I struggle to find something nice in my settings. I have a read a couple of comments in here, and @Mika you mentioned that friction direct input should not be at 0. On some other topics you mentioned that the preferable, or default value should be 25, am I correct ?

I struggle to find a good recon filter to for this game, I think its preference. I didnt touch the Dampening, Inertia or friction filter.

If some of you would like to share a bit more settings it will help me a lot I think, I need some base to improve this.

Thanks, have a nice day !


From what I have heard, the FFB in this title is far from best, so it is very limited what one can do with Simucube settings to improve. Hopefully Codemasters will make improvements.


Im with the same problem with Augury and for ffb concerns its absolutely zero at the moment. I will carry on searching for decent setups. I love DR1 and it works nice and smooth, for now I cant race in 2.0. Lets hope for soon improvements, someone has to fix this, namely Codemasters.


hey guys,

I have been messing around with this quite a bit since I dont like the FFB either.

today I have been using this:

it feels a little heavy which I personally like.

try it, maybe you’ll like it, maybe not :smiley:

I didnt want to make the settings too far from default so I came up with this.


Thanks for sharing :wink: