DiRT RALLY 2.0 and SimuCUBE

The game will recognise your Simucube wheel and allow you to configure it, but the FFB will not work until you add a XML file.

Follow the instructions here eksimracing.com

The link to the XML file can be found at the bottom of the page.

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Thanks for the tip :wink:

It works only with the MMOS ?


William at Sim Racing Paddock has one that should work with Simucube:

I’m deeply dissatisfied with Codemasters; after first working with F1 2018, they really don’t seem to share information between their development teams at all.


No. The link is to the page for the Simucube firmware. It you look at the tabs at the top you will see a tab for the page for Mmos. They are slightly different XML files, and refer to different device IDs.

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Both links are similar. They both include the same device ID {0D5A16D0-0000-0000-0000-504944564944}, but Sim Racing Paddock gives it the name “simucube_osw_mmos” whereas eksimracing name it “simucube_osw”.

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OK, 0x0D5A 0x16D0 is indeed specific for Simucube firmware.

I’m also very disappointed in the Dirt team not having the common sense to realize that supporting Simucube or HE pedals would be a very nice thing to do and something that the F1 team had already implemented. I ended up using these settings to start with: https://www.reddit.com/r/dirtgame/comments/6hfhxz/a_quick_ffb_setup_guide/. I haven’t tweaked much, but my simucube profile is similar to my iRacing one, but with the force turned down a lot to make it lighter like I assume a rally car feels like.

Overall first impressions are nice! I think the cars feel more weighty than they did in the first one to me (especially the RX cars), but there is still some weird feelings at times on a rally stage where the car does things I don’t think it should.

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The one from SRP and EKS appear similar/identical. I ended using the one from Sim Racing Paddock.

While I’m not 100% set on these in-game settings yet… just wondering if everyone else is also seeing the same where ‘tire slip’ and ‘engine’ are greyed out? I’m guessing these are settings for wheel rims (or gamepad controllers) with vibration motors within the wheel rim.

Here is what i use for the moment , but working on it to get something better and also TIRE SLIP and ENGINE greyed out…

Does anyone know what´s the effects change on the STEERING LINEARITY and the STEERING SATURATION ?

Should we agree with that ?

Self Aligning Torque (how the wheel re-centres itself),
Wheel Friction (overall weight of the wheel)
Tire Friction (how heavy it is to turn the wheel when tires are on the ground)

Because in a french video, the guy say:

Self Aligning Torque: how strong the FFB is
Wheel Friction: the weight “power” when the wheel are turned
Tire Friction: not very clear ??

Also in the advanced parameters:

Steering linearity: if 0 is a complete steering wheel rotation (1080)
Steering saturation: if 100 is a complete steering rotation too (1080)

I´m a bit confused???

i didn’t buy dirt rally 2.0 , but in the first one steering linearity was feeling correct at 0 . But to answer your question , as i remember both 0 and 100 will give full dor but not in the same way.

does it still show up as left and right when you assign the wheel steering ? and you have to put the wheel a litlle bit to the opposite way before so that it will assign as axis ?

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Now you have an option to calibrate the wheel. Same process than in other sim:

1-Turn fully range the wheel then click next
2-Turn 90 degrees the wheel click next

That´s it.

After you have the settings menu…

I also do not have Dirt Rally 2.0 yet, as I am waiting for VR, the FFB to be sorted and others finding the best settings for Simucube :wink:

I think the French guy is wrong if he says Self Aligning Torque (SAT) controls how strong the overall FFB is. SAT is the strength of the wheel returning to centre, like spring. FFB is so much more than just SAT or spring.

For what I can see, the force feedback & vibration settings in Dirt Rally 2.0 are similar to those in Dirt Rally. Dirt Rally has a description for each setting which might help. They are repeated in this video and he also talks about steering linearity and saturation.

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Thanks for your help…I will have a look to the video :wink:

Something new to add on the line “78” into the document called: device_defines.xml located into your default DIRTRALLY folder installation ( XX:\Steam\steamapps\common\DiRT Rally 2.0\input\devices) .

By default you have this:
<device id="{0D5A16D0-0000-0000-0000-504944564944}" name=“simucube” priority=“100” type=“wheel”

Just add this at the end:
ffb_force=“0.9” ffb_friction=“1.5” />

Now let´s test …

Also in this video, he says to open the file named: hardware_settings_info.xml

Located into:
XX:\Users\mYpc\Documents\My Games\DiRT Rally 2.0*hardwaresettings*

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I´m back with our latest tests

So this is “driving” a rear wheel drive car (the LANCIA STATOS)

From my point of view the most important setting in this section are:
-SUSPENSION: that will affect the strength of the wheel when the car is OVERSTEERING (35/40 degres)

For wheel & tires friction i don´t feel it really
For the others it will be question of “feelings”…I think…

I didn´t find the option to save the wheel profile.


Just for clarification: Does Dirt Rally 2.0 use any DirectInput effects? Dirt Rally 1 used to use Friction effect to communicate the road surface and car weight.

I don‘t like the feedback at the moment - played 2 hours and I‘m not feeling anything the right way. The only thing I feel on the front tyres are jumps, where is the torque change when breaking while steering or tyre slips on the front axle. In DR I found suitable settings very fast, but now - maybe they are not supporting friction effects … how can we fugure out if this is true?

Especially not being able to set the tyre slip etc. in the effectsetup as in Dirt Rally is quite a negative point for me, as all tweaking options are gone now.

New tip given by Zappadoc DevBlog here: