Diferent feeling in iRacing

I dont know if its the last update but i feel iRacing quite diferente, for me its like if all cars have a little dampening added and i feel less the kerbs , do you feel the same? thanks

Yes, they have changed the tire model in many cars. I find the FFB a bit stronger as well. :thinking:

Im getting paranoid because i started to check my true drive to see if i changed something because i dont like the feeling right now and started to think something going wrong with my unit. Need to do more testing, can i do a factory reset or reflash firmware if wanted? thanks.

Its like if iv lost some counter effect on the wheel when turning into corners where i normally lose the car and now i kinda lost some feeling there.

Try with this base profile:

Torque Bandwidth: Unlimited
Recon Filter: 2-3
Ultra Low Latency: 17

Then, start with SlewRateLimit at min (0.10) to get rid of signal noise and rise SRL to your desired feeling.

About SlewRateLimit, in using a math formula (dont know if right but im happy with the results):

Slew rate limit= Nm/ms
Nm=TD overallforces + Wheel wheight
ms= iRacing ffb frequency (60hz=16.66ms)

In my case, im with a 1.540kg (15.12Nm) Wheel so its:
SRL= (8.2Nm ‘TD overallforce’+ 15.12Nm ‘wheel’)/16.66= 1.39 SLR

To understand it a little:
Iracing last 16.66ms every time it changes forces, so SC2 will reach the desired Nm (23.12Nm) in 16.66ms (when needed)
Is not force per se, but acceleration forces.

Its another feel, for example in oval if i touched the apron i always had some big force coming into wheel and now i cant barely feel it. I still get counter steering but its like if the forces on bump or track changes are very low and i dont know whats going on, iv upgraded firmware to last one and took ages and in “verifing firmware” wich had to take 5 secs took a lot of time, i think something going wrong with my unit.

Whats your iRacing ffb strenght?
Try with more forces from iR (or press AUTO button)

Iv always used same settings but now i feel like i need to give more power and still misssing some information on bumps and oversteer while breaking etc. For example just tried ACC and i always had to put very low gain like 20 or 25% and now i can push it to 40 easy while before i couldnt drive with that much force. Its very hard to explain just feel diferent and dont know what more to test to give me a real answer of what is happening.

Another simptons is like small kerbs witch are bit elevated doesnt do the efect of the suspension going up and down, i dont feel the rear of the car on hard braking and i never need to use anymore the reduction filter because i feel i can handle the torque without problems wich 2 weeks ago i always had a little % on all my profiles.

Its like my base had some dampening active, the best feeling i get is with all filters on 0, so its like if i had some filters allready active, or at least thats the feeling.

Im thinking in reinstalling windows but dont know if thats really the solution.

it’s got nothing to do with Windows

I’ve stopped using slew rate altogether now. Whilst it does do a good job of smoothing spikes from curbs and such I feel that it makes counter steering less intuitive, makes the wheel feel laggier somehow. I discovered this whilst drifting on Ovals in the Xfinity car, then whilst testing on Road I found I actually picked up some time with it off.

Going to check that, iv also realised that app.ini has changed to me, for example i had damperSaturation on 0 and changed to default value, so need to check it again, do you people have a good app.ini settings for DD? Thanks.

Nothing needs to be changed in IRacing app.ini file. In the iRacing UI, you can click the strength label to set it to show values in Nm.

True, a long time ago I felt the same way when I started “playing” with the sliders, but that was because I always had servo filters and a very high ReconFilter (+5)

In my opinion, SlewRateLimit is essential to balance the wheel and make unwanted oscillations disappear because, with the correct SRL, we can define the speed which the game force is achieved in relation to the signal update.
It’s like the UltraLowLatency filter, too much and the signal will overshoot, too low and you may feel laggy signal or dead wheel.

Now I have a reference profile for iRacing (I never had one until last week):
Recon: 3
Torque: Unlimited
Servo filters: always racing with app.ini dampermode: 1 (inertia), so no Damper & Friction (at 0% iR forces takes account on that in ConstantForces, Inertia: 3% (to compensate iR DXInertia effect needed when DamperMode:1)
SFR: off
ULLM: 17

With this baseline we will only have to calculate SlewRateLimit based on the force used in TD + wheel weight divide it by 16.6ms, so that when iRacing requests 100% of forces, the servo is able to obtain the Force requested before the next signal comes, but not too soon


@Alfye20 I just tried it. It feels great. Thx.

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thanks a lot, I am finally enjoying again iracing now. just a question, did you change anything else in the app file, and what about direct inputs in true drive?

Thats cool!
Here are my setting for a formula rim of 1540gr on the HPD @9Nm in True Drive:
Not too much filters at work but the ones working are doing its job
Raced with it last weekend at Lemans and very happy, try it if pou can with VRS 2020S3 setup and throw the wheel to any side in the straight

FFb app.ini,
DamperMode: Inertia, is what i like the most and very similar to Richard Burns Rally FFb IMO
DamperSaturation:5000 , mmm, Black or white? Gray

Ingame FFb.
iRacing with AUTO FFb calcs, then adjust to find the sweet spot between bumps and grip.
Wheel force is a special one for me… Everyone sys that it does nothing but, for me and my feeling, it does things behind the scene because is not the same 1Nm than 9Nm. Then in the HPD i achieved the right feeling when I moved the slider right to the Max force value.

Hope you like it!

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so, tested those settings with various cars, feels great with Porsche cup and Radical, not bad with Nissan GTP or Mazda, bad with GT3/GTE.
the thing I don’t understand, is this : since the 1st day I got my SC2 Sport, I always used the TD default profile for iracing (the Advanced profile), and it was feeling really good with all cars, never needed to change anything apart ffb gain - ingame - depending on the car.
But, since last week, iracing is the only sim where I can’t use anymore this default profile because ffb has changed drastically, and I don’t think is because of a tyre model update on some cars because it has changed in any car.
All that said, I would just like to enjoy again iracing like I always did, with the TD profile I always used, but I guess I must find another profile that suits any car, I really have no time to fine tune everything for any different car, and in that regard the old profile was really perfect.
anybody experienced the same in last days?
edit : iracing is currently the only sim for which I am having issues regarding ffb, anything else is running fine as always.

It’s the tyre-model :wink:

Best advice I can give people is to learn how to tune the wheel to their liking. I never tune ffb in iRacing for different cars, I use the same profile for all cars. The only thing I may adjust every once in a while is the ffb slider in iRacing.

No need to have seperate profiles, at least not imho. But people differ, others may prefer to do it differently.


Are you racing all those cars with the same steering wheel rim?
If thats the case, trim Wheel Force slider to your liking

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