Cube controls GT Steering wheels?

Hello everyone,

Does anyone own one of the new cube controls GT wheels?
Cube Controls GT

Good and bad things to report?

Any dropout/ connection issues with the wireless one?
Worth its price tag?

Thanks in advance.

Looks like a nice wheel,

Sim Racing Bay has a cordless GT wheel a little cheaper

not sure if it is everyone’s cup of tea ? but seems like a competitive price

Thanks witch.
Watched both recently but thought there might be some owners here to hear from them. Quite smart that they offer (wireless and usb) Motamec, OMP super quadro and Sparco P310 for different budgets

I’ve got the Sparco Wireless GT variety (P310). Had it for couple months now and very happy with it. The real thing looks better than the pics imo. Feels super solid too. The connection quality shows as 100% for me all the time (got one of the newer SC2 Pro with an external antenna). Battery seems to last forever.

One thing to watch out for when choosing one of these rims: wireless have slightly different controls available. Most importantly, wireless does not have the 7-way “funky” switch. For me it didn’t matter because I built a custom button box that has this switch for UI/menus anyway. I’m very happy I chose wireless because I keep hotswapping this with another (rally) rim all the time. Very nice and quick “plug and play” experience.

Hard to tell if it’s exactly worth every single Euro, but let’s just say I’m not regretting anything.

Edit: if there is one shortcoming - would’ve been nice to have Knitter buttons for perfection, but I guess they couldn’t have produced the aesthetic they wanted then. Not to mention these buttons cost $12 each.

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Congrats Siimo and thanks for your reply.
Had no idea that the controls were different. Good you brought that up.

Thanks. Imo Cube should make this clearer on their site. I wonder if some people have ordered the wireless and regretted the decision only because they really wanted the funky switch. For people not intending to use other rims or separate button boxes, wired might be worth it and preferable for details like that.

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Totally agree with you. It’s a deciding factor to be honest. Really puzzles me why there’s any difference at all between them.
By the way, any feedback on the Sparco P310 for being flat wheel? Also is it easy to reach those “thumb” rotors on it?

Hi, I have the Furmula Sport (USB) i am happy with it. Only point is that the shifter are a little bit to loud. May i found a solution to remove this noise

The wireless wheels have a function ceiling.
Think I read 28 available functions, if more are needed you will have to go USB

Indeed, because the funky switch would consume 7 of the 28 available controls. Similar thing with the Formula Series rims. There is no wireless option if you want the clutch paddles. As to why the 28 button limitation - I don’t know.

As for being able to reach the blue thumb encoders - easy enough to reach, but need to move the thumb quite far down. I have medium size hands (I guess), and can reach them without moving my hands off the normal position. Definitely can’t touch them accidentally though, which is good.

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Asher gearshift are even worse :joy:

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Sure wish I could quiet down by Ascher shifters.

Using smaller magnet helps. I changed mine to the supplied 3mm magnets and they’re a bit quieter.

would be 29 in total 20+7 for the funky switch + 2 for the shifters so makes sense after all.
Would be nice if true drive 28 inputs limitation is increased one day.

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That’s good to hear :+1:

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Meanwhile this teaser just popped up on twitter…

Any guesses guys :thinking:

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I just got a GT Lite and while it feels solid overall I have a few niggles:

The 7-way funky switch is a total pain to use, especially with gloves. I don’t like that it does not click for each direction (the click is from the push button activating), and its rotary function is impooooossible to use without a million accidental directional inputs with gloves.
Anybody share my impression?

Also, would love to hear good ideas for the top pair of toggle switches. They are described as “on-off” on CC’s website, so I was surprised to see that they just transmit the signal once when operated, the same in both directions. What have you mapped there?

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Just noticed that the prices went down (by 150-160 € ish) after the new GT-X was released. No more free shipping though.

Edit: turns out the vat is not included.


Imo the top toggles are good for things like: ignition, headlights, wipers. Not all sim software supports non-momemtary toggles however. Iracing and ACC do though.

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Yeah, non-momentary could be an issue in some software. I just think they should have gone with normal buttons. These are functionally the same, except more fiddly (especially in VR when you don’t know whether to expect it flipped up or down, bad for muscle memory).

It’s the second-best real-estate on the wheel, and they put something there that can’t be used for flashing headlights or push to talk or boosting.

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