Completely loosing FFB while cornering


This happened multiple times in different sims, but i’d like to be specific now:

I’m racing the Formula Reiza in Jerez (Automobilista 2) with the following settings:

While cornering the FFB completely blacks out. Like there is nothing there.
Why this is happening at 80% FFB? I’m using a Simucube 2 sport.


Does the steering still work? What action do you need to do to get FFB back? Is there any fault visible in the top portion of the True Drive window?

Hands off detection maybe…
Click on the Gear icon on the left column and show us your settings

Its not hand off detection, it is turned off.
I turned on audible clipping now and it beeps all the time in corners.

Steering works, just no FFB detail at all while cornering, even if i run over curbs. Nothing.
In straights i get back the FFB. No fault is visible.

That is game signal clipping, turn down ingame ffb/gain to 50% and try

You should not hear the beeps from the base during normal driving, just in crashes and over hard bumps/curbs

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What do you mean by game signal clipping? I’m at 17x08=13.6 nm so why does it clip every corner?
Is it the same for you?

Clipping is based on in-game settings, and can occur at any given torque setting you choose in TD. If you compare your in-game strength (0.8) with the one from others you will see it’s very uncommon.
Basically your TD settings don’t have nothing to do with clipping

I’ve tried now the 50 percent. Interestingly no clipping beeps at all, but the wheel is still blacking out while cornering. No track bumps and no curbs are picked up, especially in high-speed corners. In addition, at 50% the wheel feels very light, it feels the base is operating well below its capacity.

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And from the Simucube 2 spoiler, part of the above link:

Why would I set it to 10.2 NM, when at 17 TD, and in-game 50% it already feels too light?
Something is definitely off here.

In-game strength 80 is causing the clipping, regardless of what you have set in True Drive. In-game strength 50 feels too light for you, so why is that?
FFB settings will deliver very different results, because the size/weight of your steering wheel is different from mine (as an example), the car you drive is not the same, and also the setup of the car is not identical.
Caster angle, steering lock, even tyre pressure and aero settings will make FFB stronger/weaker.
Adjust in-game settings first, then fine tune in TD.

Thanks for the insight, but let’s not overcomplicate things. All I need is someone with a simucube sport to confirm that he/she is experiencing the same that I do. Right now I’m thinking that my unit is faulty.

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I have the Sport as early adopter but I need to try that car before giving an opinion.

What kind of steering wheel are you driving?

CubeControls f-core.

This is the expected result of lowering in-game settings. Not getting rid of clipping would be interesting…
And if you think your unit is faulty you should let check the logs first.
I have a Sport too, but honestly can’t see a way how to proof your unit is faulty by proofing mine is ok or not.

Well, after doing some practice laps with the same config as you on AMS (F Reiza, Jerez Chicane, formula steering wheel) I can feel that “dead” steering feel you talked about.

It is not something to do with our SC2 Sport unit, but relative to AMS FFb type set to “Custom”:

Info by game developers:
CUSTOM as shipped with the game is just barebones steering torque acting around steering (kingpin) axis. No road vibration feedback, no damping, no friction - this profile however is editable by a user via the ffb_custom_settings.txt file located in Documents/AMS2/.”

As I feel it, FFb set to CUSTOM feels like spring forces only on the steering axis plus some snap off forces when running over some (not all) curbs.

Just try to set AMS FFb to DEFAULT or DEFAULT+ and you will get moer info on the steering wheel.
You can finetune a CUSTOM profile like Reiza suggest on his ffb guide, too.

Thats another problem not relative to AMS2.
You can try higher ingame gain until the SC2 clipping beeps appears in normal driving, telling you the game is sending 100% ffb signal to the servo and that will be the Max capacity of your SC2 Sport (when TrueDrive Overall force is at 17Nm)

So, if you keep feeling it too light, you need a bigger servo motor to fullfilt you needs because the Sport can’t give you what you need.

Thanks for checking. I’m not sure though that we are experiencing the same thing. In my case the FFB in vivid, strong and detailed while i’m going straight. It becomes “dead” in corners only.
I’m not sure if I used CUSTOM, but i’ll will check it.

Check it please. On Default or Default+ and play with Effects slider.

By the way, there is my approach to a good feeling without SC2 clipping beeps: