Communication Fault id 485001

Hi everyone, I have the SC2 Pro since yesterday. Everything seems to work fine, as long as I make any changes in the True Drive FF parameters. I have this error message:
E-Stop and motor status: Motor Faults (cycle E-stop to clear): Communication Fault ID 485001.
At this point I no longer have the FF and I have to switch off with e-stop and restart. After it works and in any case the parameter that I had modified remains saved at the last modification.

Are you running 2021.1?
Downgrade to 2020.10 if so.
Honestly they should just remove the 2021.1 judging by how many people have issues.

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Obviously yes 2021.1
Searching for the error on the net came out the same thread in this forum. I must say that Camoletto procedure worked for the moment, I made changes and it didn’t give me an error. I hope they sort it out anyway, very annoying.

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I had this exact problem, my SC Pro brand new and it updated then gave this message everytime I tried to load a profile, it had bump stops but no feedback and reported zero current and zero counts per rotation. If I changed anything in True drive a comunication error appeared and asked me to use the estop which cleared the error message but the problem remained. I started with the usb in usb 3.1 slot and thought this could be the problem, so I powered it of with the white button on the back reset the pc and put it in usb 30 slot … same problem, I reset again and put usb into a pci usb3 expansion card on its own and same problem. I then unplugged the SC Pro from the power at the wall and reset the computer with all other usb unplugged and the usb plugged into usb 3 and it worked straight away. I figured it must have needed a reset after the startup firmware upgrade so after using it for a bit decided to put it back into usb 3.1 to give it more bandwidth and the problem immediately returned ! So I hard reset the SC Pro and computer with the SC pro plugged into the usb expansion card and it has gone without error since. I suspect something to do with usb3.1. Hope this helps someone it had me scratching my head on my first use of the base.