CarX Drift Racing Online and Simucube 2

Is this game compatible? If it isn’t, anyone has experience with Gimx ? I searched ahead of time with no information on the forums showing up and it is one of my games I plan to play.

Thanks for this. I saw that this was originally posted back in 2021. Are people still working on this. I will personally be testing some of the not working games to see if with the use of the gimx adapter they can be played with some FFB at least. I can follow up with you, but it will be a couple months until I properly get my wheel going and tinker with settings to understand them more before I attempt that.

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I am wanting to continue this with any that can reach out to me regarding any tunes they have. I know the SC2 doesn’t necessarily work. The game recognizes the wheel but no real FFB. I have been messing some with it and so far I found it was slightly easier to drift with around 720 wheel rotation but most say 900 is the way to go. Any advice on this?

Also regarding the tune through TD, the issue I am having is most youtubers who drift well in this game, they just let the wheel return back and it looks to overshoot some and the car drifts back in the other direction easily. I find with the simucube that it just shoots back to the middle and I have to move it over in the other direction and hit the handbrake again just to drift in the opposite direction. Any pointers on what I could change in TD to help with this?

I have attempted to up the FFB in game but it didn’t increase the return, I messed with dampening which did help it return but it also dampens it from overshooting too much. Maybe I do the spring setting? Just any pointers in how to get this to happen with this game would be appreciated.

Is there anyway the developers for simucube could once again reach out to Carx’s developers in attempts to make their game compatible with the simucube? They just made it workable with the moza wheel bases so maybe there’s hope that they will provide support for other direct drive companies.

I have tried Gimx with Carx. The force feedback is meh and not worth it at all, especially for drifting, I tried it once and never used it again with CarX. I use it with Snowrunner and it’s fine cuz it’s slow pace game.