Bumps and kerbs are very powerful and aggressive

At the moment I am running these settings on SC2 and max force of around 85-70 nm in iracing. The weight and feeling of the wheel is very nice and detailed but once you race on a bumpy track like Road Atalanta the bumps want to rip my hands off.

Is there a way that I can reduce only the bumps ffb torque? I need to reduce bumps and keep the same ffb its too agressive.

Is linear mode checked in iracing ffb settings?

yes it is checked, settings in iracing are all good

Brandon: Reduce True Drive overall strength to perhaps 60-70%, reduce torque slider in iRacing to around 35-50nm. Play around that and see how you go.

Btw, if course the curbs at Rd Atlanta is pretty vicious, especially through the twisty bits. You’re hitting them to hard, you will damage your car.


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Thanks Beano, Do I adjust wheel force aswell to match the nm in true drive?

Nope, not needed, just leave it at your default :wink:

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You can also set the slew rate limit to a very low number, but that will also effect the speed in which you get other feedback (like losing the rear end).

I think you should try with setting the slew-rate to lower numbers. Lowering this should also allow you to reduce some damping (and possibly friction and inertia). I wouldn’t worry about it affecting speed of feedback. If just a slew-rate limit of a DD wheel affects the ability to react to and control slides then the game developers need to work on their physics engine as the problem is in the physics engine’s characterisitcs during initiating and attempting of controlling/modulating slip-angles, not the wheel.

Noticed this mysleff today

TD - 32Nm
iracing wheel force - 32Nm
iracing strength initially 10.8 (max), recuced it to 5, just pretty jarring

911 GT3 Cup on lime rock

will try playing with slew rate, but I don’t want to lose reduction in control in a slide.

may be a filter for just this in TD would be nice :slight_smile:

Reducing the overall strength in TD fixed the bumps issue. went for 60% in TD on the pro version. Will try slew rate and see.
So what does slew rate exactly do?

slew rate limits the torque change rate to some Newtonmeters/millisec value. Most likely you will not see any difference until you get slower than 1.0 Nm/ms range, then the feeling will change to softer. Some people like that, it will feel very similar to a competitor high end DD then.


Ha ha…can’t have that…

Keeping slew rate off and taking one for the team :wink:

Will try the mx5 and see the difference btw that and gt3 cup

Honestly. give the slew-rate setting a shot. Remember, in order to compensate for the slew-rate limit, you may probably be able to get a away with running less damping and/or friction as well as being able to raise the TBW. I’ve read people saying that running slew-rate limit + low damping is much better than running no slew-rate + lots of damping.

People are used to using damping because that’s almost all the OSW and SC1 owners had for the past 3+ not to mention everyone’s familiar with it from games and even older/lesser wheels but I think slew-rate can accomplish much of what damping accomplishes without the drawbacks of damping.

I’ve already read from 3 people that running slew-rate limits allows them to run less of other filters that can negatively effect details (eg. damping) and that running slew-rate limit + less damping offers a better FFB experience with less compromises than running no slew-rate limit + more damping.

i am doing ok, i can see the difference btw the mx5 and gt3 cut, the 911 is very stiff

in IR i have strength at 58Nm and force at 32Nm

Update, I found this on one of the facebook groups, after making this change in app.ini, I don’t feel the harsh immediate jerks.

Referring to 911 RSR and 911 GT3 Cup

I am also at 80% on ultimate at 25.1Nm and same in IR with 55Nm strength.
Also turned off slew filter and ultra mode 20% and recon filter 5
And still all good with no harsh jerks

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I did some more testing on slew rate and yesterday I was amazed how a little change can affect things.

I have been running the following settings for a few weeks.

TD - 100% (31.4Nm)
iRacing - 32Nm
iRacing Max force - 91Nm = this translates to around 11Nm max

Slew rate at 0.22 which really softens the hard hits and kerbs/bumps in a nice way.

How I tested:

  1. Slew Rate off

  2. Crash the car at 100mph in the wall

  3. reduce Slew Rate

  4. Crash the car exactly as above same spot and everything

and so on.

I was surprised at even at 0.55 slew rate, the hits were pretty hard.

then at 0.32 I felt a reduction and more importantly I was able to react to the car much quicker. I loved it. my times improved.

I then tested 0.27 ( I was already driving at 0.22 before), much better hits compared to 0.32 and much more details, sharpness and reaction than 0.22.

Loving 0.27 now.

Hope this helps others who try

this is on a 911 GT3 Cup in iRacing, Dampening around 38%, friction 20%, inertia 18%, static reduction 25%, filter at 5

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why so much dampening? then i stared using slew rate at 0.22 i’ve lowered dampening from 35 to 20, Friction and Inertia are 15
Will def try .27 later, but .22 is soo nice already

This method also affects the driving feel quite a lot, so its the wrong approach to cut off high peaks.


Dampening I am still playing around with, down to 30 and will see how it feels. but one thing at a time.

I agree 0.22 felt really nice, but 0.27 was so much better, allowed me to catch the slides quickly.