Brand new to Simucube 2 - Issue with True Drive profiles


I’m a complete newb to Simucube and I’ve been reading the community stuff, but cannot find an answer to this.

I’ve just finished creating a profile for ACC which seems to be working well, and I was going to use it as a base to fine tune other sims. However for life of me I cannot find a way to duplicate to profile, or even export it for that matter.

Is there something I’m missing. It looks as if the buttons to do this should exist between “rename” button and the “delete” button but there’s just blank space there. The TD version is 2022.5. if that helps.

Duplicate function is available in the Paddock but not in the offline fallback mode.

What is this Paddock?

Hopefully it’s not that social networking crap that I had to fight to get past to actually get to the settings.

You got it. :slight_smile:
Try 2020.10 or 2021.9 Classic, might be better if you want to stay away from online completely. There is nothing new functionally beyond that version anyway.

I believe the latest HW only allows 2021.9, not 2020.10.

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Is that going to install on my base? I kind think I read that units manufactured after a certain date can’t rollback the firmware.

Edit: Ah OK I’ll give 2021.9 a shot later.

I’m gobsmacked that even an electric motor needs an internet connection to function properly these days.

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Paddock is just better, although we admit that the implementation has some shortcomings at the moment.

You probably are using Steam to play games anyway, so the argument of “needs internet connection” is not valid…

FW Downgrade Instruction

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Maybe give your users the option. Not everybody wants everything tied to an internet connection.

And yes my argument is valid. Steam supplies me with games which need to be downloaded - nothing physical there. You on the other hand have provided me with an electric motor which appears will be castrated should I have an internet outage.

I don’t mean this to you personally, so please don’t take offence, but this was and is a shit move by your company - that’s my personal opinion however.

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I think we have given the users a good enough option. A great profile management system in Paddock, and enough serviceable offline mode that can be used for that once in 1000 use cases where the internet is down.

Of course, we have we also taken the feedback from the current Paddock for our future product development needs, and there are options to make the registration and first use of profile management system and offline caching more transparent so that the end user won’t even realize that the profiles are safely stored in cloud, and that there is an user account associated in this (if the user feels the need to actually create an account).

And I thought we were done with this ridiculous story. If someone buys a Simucube 2 and is perplexed by the paddock philosophy he/she must have been in a winter sleep for at least a year. I can’t understand that beeing online while writing in this community, playing steam or Epic games, using emails, beeing on the internet ammo ain’t a problem but at TD all of a sudden it is. TD offers offline and classic mode. There is no obligation to use paddock


Don’t get me wrong, but the post reads like a troll attempt :rofl:


To be honest, it’s not

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Other than it requires internet connection to work, and that the UI is not optimal at the moment… can you explain specifically what is not better in Paddock?

What is better then even if UI is a step down from Classic from usability perspective?


  • profile contains metadata fields
  • profile management system looks better
  • profiles are stored very safely in cloud
  • profiles are shared easily for everyone
  • users can boost their own positive social media presence with their paddock account by offering their fans easy access to profiles
  • other people’s profiles can be tried with one click
  • new users do not need to be engineers to try out profiles
  • profiles are not stored on device, enabling the required things for Simucube Wireless Wheel 2 wheels to be in firmware
  • profiles can be rated in one place, and not distributed in FB groups, forums, discords, etc.

Can’t be serious. May be Musk will by it after Twitter.


Is that a statement that you are following social media channels like Instagram?

Well explain why we have some prominent community members who have made their settings available there, and they also openly say that the settings are in Paddock? It is good.

When can we enjoy your settings in Paddock?

None of this benefits me in anyway and I’m sure thats true for others that like to make their own profiles

So when a thing does not benefit yourself, then it is bad and should be removed from the world? I see that quite selfish tbh.

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