Brand new Simucube 2 Sport feels terrible in Assetto Corsa and randomly loses FFB or decides to go full lock

Ok, my fault. Is hard to see you so disappointed. I have AC and CM but didn’t play it a lot. I once wrote how surprised I was coming from Bahrain to China in F1 2020. I used same TD settings aswell as in game. Track surface, curbs style, EVERYTHING felt different, amazing. I checked all these profiles, as you did, ant went crazy. Now I use filter off to max 3, bandwidth unlimited, everything to 0 except static force and ULLM. On the last page, down to the left you can see if fine tuning filters are active (in case you use them). In a rally simulation like WRC 9 spring to zero would not be very clever while F1 doesn’t accept these filters.

If you still want to try a few things to rule out SW/profile issue.

  1. Try to remove TD installation and install fresh latest version. It’s pretty stable to use.
  2. Remove your existing profile and start from fresh even using predefined AC template, it’s not the best but can be a decent start.
  3. Please disable CSP accurate gyro implementation under FFB Tweaks, even disable the whole FFB Tweaks plugin. You can enable one under standard AC FFB settings, but it’s not an absolute must, you just need more dampening without it.
  4. To rule out that problem is AC or SC2 related, try some other title if you haven’t yet.

Good luck.

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As requested:

I believe you are going to like these as they are a definite improvement over my previous ones.

I am not sure how Accuforce is, never had the chance to try it. AC is obsolete so it just cant use the SC2 capabilities without messing with the filters/settings. You may try AMS2 with a custom ffb file. ACC has some good FFB although not my cup of tea as there is no feeling in oversteering.

As far as opinions on FFB, well that is a very philosophical discussion. People have different preferences, hardware, expectations, knowledge, driving styles and real life driving experience. So yes it is confusing, so just try some settings and see if they make sense to you. There is no right or wrong and no point in debating about it with others.

PM me if you need more help.

Thank you for posting your updated settings.


Thank you for also posting your settings in the other thread.

I have not had a chance try out either of them yet.

Bad timing on all of this as I am preparing to go away for a few days and won’t be able to sim again until the end of the week. This is far from ideal since I will have forgotten what ANYTHING feels like. I may end up reinstalling the Accuforce V2 to revisit the feel I had before but I fear if that happens the Simucube 2 won’t make it back into my setup as swapping the Cube Controls GT-X back to the Accuforce is time consuming because I don’t run it with a QR (The SimX QR makes it stick out too far for my seating/pedal/screen setup) so I have to bolt it directly to the shaft which means I have to work it on mounted to the rig and it’s a PITA.

I also have not heard a peep from Granite Support after sending them pictures and videos. I was really hoping for something from their end but so far I have gotten more support from this forum and my own research than anything else.

Hopefully by the time I get back I will have some info from them and/or I will try out both Panschion’s updated settings and Andrew’s which should give me a good contrast as both of you appear to have very different preferences which should give me a great contrast. If I am not happy after either of those and/or some kind of magic from Granite Support then I will more than likely end up returning it and sticking with the Accuforce. At the moment this is a $1500 downgrade so it makes no sense to keep it but I am willing to give it another chance when I get back. I’ll post again after I test out both of your suggested settings and if I get any news from Granite Support.

Thanks again for your willingness to share and help me in this debacle. Without you guys I would have given up on it already.

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I do not see how either settings could make appreciable difference if unit is defective.
Everything should have worked reasonably well even with your originally posted settings, not like a total wreck you described. Try some other sims to rule out issues with AC/CSP installation.
If it’s the same issue there, most like the problem is either with PSU or power control board. Do you get any error codes, or anything in the log.
You can also enable logging into text file by adding log command param to TD executable. Just log, no dashes.


I made time for myself to test the profiles as I realized when I wrote my response above that it would be really hard to come back and start over after being away for several days.

I tried @Panschoin 's updated settings and they improved upon his prior settings but was still not enough of what I was looking for to make me like this wheelbase over the Accuforce.

Then I loaded up @Andrew_WOT 's settings from here:

which were VERY different in both TD and in CM/CSP so I was expecting a big change to the feeling and I got one.

I am still not in love with the Simucube 2, but these settings made things much closer to the road surface/tire feeling with the Accuforce that I was seeking and now has me considering keeping it.

On center, mid corner, road surface, the feeling of tires and being connected to suspension showed itself for the first time since I got this wheel. Most importantly I was able to drive 4 very different types of cars, street supercar, GT3 Cup, LMP1 and Formula Hybrid and these settings worked for all of them. This was critical for me as that was also how I had the Accuforce dialed in and could then just make simple tweaks to the FFB etc in game and save the profiles per car that way rather than needing to load a new wheelbase profile for every car type.

The only difference from the settings linked above are I that used 2 on the recon filter as 1 was too raw in a few areas. What stood out to me compared to other setups that I cloned is that large changes to the recon filter didn’t show nearly as much of a difference as they do now.

The problem I fear now is that so much time has past since I last drove on the Accuforce, that the Simucube is feeling good to me only because I am comparing better settings to bad settings, but have lost what I was comparing to several days ago when I was fresh on my previous setup.

So when I get back from my trip I plan to put the Accuforce back on and return to my prior settings, drive and then swap quickly to the Simucube with Andrew_WOT’s settings and do as close of an A/B comparison as I can in order to decide what I do with the Simucube.

Again my thanks to both of you for your feedback and direction.


You should also try ACC, this is where SC2 really shines. I expect some very positive changes from Kunos soon as they teased new tire model coming here.

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@TurboJLo - Sorry to hear you’re having so much trouble with your simucube.

Comparing wheelbases is getting harder and harder, and I often see people new to direct drive who are so impressed with the sheer speed and force that they totally overlook basic flaws in a device for months.

Can I ask, how long did you have the accuforce? Were there any issues with it you didn’t like?

I myself came from a Fanatec DD1, and I expected the DD1 to be smooth, but it was not. I could feel notches in the steering - it’s not a big deal if you’re GT3 racing with lots of turns, but it was terrible on something like American truck simulator, where long passages of nearly straight driving would constantly remind me of the notchyness of the wheel.

The take away from my experience, is that comparing a wheelbase with just one game, might be selling yourself short. There are a ton of racing titles out there, but beyond that, there are a ton of other fun titles too - I love the truck sims, I love wreckfest, I love BeamNG, etc… Regardless of which wheel you decide to keep, my hope for you is that you’ll have a bunch of games/experiences that you love using.

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From 2015 to 2017 I was using an Accuforce V1 with iRacing, Live for Speed, and Assetto Corsa. From 2020 to present I have been using an Accuforce V2 with a Cube Controls GT-X exclusively in Assetto Corsa.

I have no problem admitting that of my issue may be the hundreds if not thousands of house hours I have behind an Accuforce wheelbase in Assetto Corsa.

I wanted to upgrade to a true brushless servo motor and watched tons of video reviews and read written reviews of the Leo Bodnar SimSteering 2 and the Simucube 2. Both get such high praise but it seemed like the Simucube 2 was more modern and better supported than the SimSteering 2 and of course the price of the SimSteering 2 is rather high and the software and support levels left me questioning if it was worth the entry price so I decided to go with Simucbe.

I have a significant time and monetary investment in AC between configuration, server hosting, tracks and cars (both paid and free). And I don’t just mean CM or CSP settings, my entire setup is rather unique and getting everything to work together correctly has been an experience. There are so many different pieces of software and configurations to manage.

I am running a mixed reality motion system consisting of 3x65" 4K HDR TVs 11520x2160 powered by an overclocked 3090 EVGA K|NGP|N. The TVs are positioned at a 90* so I have 270* FoV wrapped around me and I sit as close to the front TV as possible only set back enough to insure the motion of the D-Box won’t cause the steering mount to hit the screen. Over the top of the TVs is a matte black “roof” as well as the bottoms of the TV from the TV to the floor. Under the front TV where I cannot have a rigid black out material is a black cloth that covers my pedals and the front of the P1-X. The effect these had were amazing in terms of immersion and mixed reality, tricking the brain into seeing the dark cockpit on the screens disappear into the black out “roof” and “footwell” areas.

Motion is a D-Box 4250i Gen 3 system mounted to a Sim-Lab P1-X with lots of customizations. I am running the Hurricane Wind System from Sim Racing Studio as well. The Cube Controls GT-X steering wheel has its own Ultimate Game Tech to control all the RPM LEDS, the LCD screen and its’s physical buttons and 6 paddles. Then there is whatever wheelbase I am using (SimCommander or True Drive) and the pedals are Heusinkveld Sprint which has it’s own software as well.

So before I even launch Content Manager I need SRS 2.0, UGTM, True Drive, D-Box and Steam all running first. Then there are the hundreds of cars, car setups and tracks, not to mention how much there is to tweak both graphically and in the sim for Content Manager + CSP plus all pre saved configs for the different servers I host. Plus things like SOL and ptracker and stracker and other addons/apps for AC.

My point here is that I am so invested in AC and it’s “ecosystem” that I don’t have the time or interest in Euro Truck or Beam or iRacing etc as getting EVERYTHING in my set up configured to work correctly and hopefully of it is supported by another sim isn’t worth my time.

I’d rather invest my time optimizing my driving with certain cars and tracks in AC. I have been driving at the track in the real world since 2000 and have had several Porsche race cars as well. AC with motion and mixed reality or VR (Valve Index but I prefer the FoV and high resolution of the triple monitors) is the next best thing to the real world for me. iRacing does not allow drifting or any car rotation and there is no modding. If a car or track doesn’t exist then you cannot drive it. The sheer number of tracks I have access to with AC is incredible. This is also why ACC doesn’t appeal to me even though it is newer and has many positives over AC. The car and track selection is too limited. I love driving real cars that I have real world experience in at real tracks that I have been to as much as I love driving a 2021 Formula 1 car at a track I will never experience in my life the week before the current race in real life so I can better understand why the drivers are doing and going through while I watch them on race weekends. I also enjoy seeing how close I can get my times in sim to the gods of F1. I am not aware of another simulator that allows me to do all of this AND works with all of the hardware I have invested in not to mention the physical and mental assembly and configuration of my simulator.

Even when AC2 comes out in 2024, I expect I will still be running AC for certain cars and tracks while the modding community works to bring over all of the things that already exist in AC.

So perhaps the Simucube 2 blows the Accuforce away in iRacing or ACC or some other sim and I bought the wrong wheelbase for AC. Or I have been running an Accuforce for so long that it’s hard for a supposedly “better” wheelbase to dethrone it for me. I’ll know for sure in a week or so, but unfortunately another sim isn’t an interest nor is it a selling point for me on the Simucube 2.

Sorry for the wall of text, I just figure the more you understand my setup and history the more sense my situation will make.

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The setup sounds fantastic!

All that makes sense.

It also sounds like you have more experience than 98% of the people here (myself included!)

I look forward to your final analysis of Simucube vs Accuforce!

You are married to a extremely complex “woman”. You are hooked, so to say and that hook is designed by yourself. You built your own simdriving world and spent so much time in it. Since you provided information on your setup it’s easy to understand. What else one can expect from a new partner then beeing the old one. Just faster, more precise, more detailed Aso. Unfortunately the new one is different. 100% different. Looks different, sounds different, smells different, behave different. You could have bought whatever. The result would be the same. Unless you let go (how I don’t know). I came from a Logitech and had the unbelievable luck to run into people that helped me choosing the fruits good from this jungle (ragazzi I love you❤️). F1 is insanely good with a Simucube. WRC9…man you have no idea what a sport is capable of. Unbelievable. But I didn’t have to let go. I threw the old one out. One thing: With a motion rig and maybe VR the wheel base maybe looses a bit of its importance because of beeing distracted.

delete everything you have regarding accuforce and simcommander and test again with just td.
also, 99% the problem is somewhere else, and you have plenty to look into.

Is it possible to check file integreti in Steam when using CM? Maybe is as simple as that and some files are corrupted?

really bad idea checking file integrity of ac using cm and csp

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@TurboJLo Man that it is an amazing setup and i as well understand now your point. I just cannot understand how Accuforce can feel better than an SC2. This is very puzzling as hardware wise at least the SC2 is by far the better wheel. The only thing i can think of is the software that makes the difference. If you are using Steering Feedback Foundation with sim commander bypassing all the issues/limitations of AC ffb signal and you have found your secret sauce in there, then i am afraid no other wheel can be a match to that. For example, there is a reason why people use IrFFB in iracing, but there is no such thing for AC, not yet at least… So yes, if that is the case, maybe it would be better for you to stick with Accuforce.

Regarding the settings for SC2. Until June my preferred settings were @Andrew_WOT (CM gyro) or something very close to them (very minor tweaks). They indeed work well with high downforce modern cars mainly like gt3, formula, supercars and the ones you tested so your conclusion is accurate. But with more testing during June i realized that there are cars that are undriveable as there is a horrible graininess that would be settled with recon filter above 7 and then the car would feel totally crap. But also lower down force cars with less grip and more under/oversteer like street, vintage and drift felt soul less and un natural. I am mostly using AC with the second category of cars as i like it for casual racing and fun. I prefer ACC for online GT3 or AMS2 for the first category of cars. Thus i had to fix those cars and after quite some time of testing every setting and combination i ended up with this very different route of settings which personally i believe is the closest thing to a correct feeling and actually i enjoy them a lot. I have as well a lot of real life experience (over 20 years) with such cars. The major caveat is that although they are okish for the high grip high downforce cars, the csp gyro and td filtering are not enough to fully smooth out oscillations in very high speeds (250km+) in bumpy straights, unless you turn down the gain strength. So maybe the best thing (although it may be a hassle) would be to use 2 different sets of settings depending on the category of cars. Or simply if a car feels wrong with CM gyro, change to the csp gyro settings.

When you come back and do your testing and comparison with Accuforce consider all of the above so that you get a clear picture. And please let us know how this went.

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That is why I wanted to asked you if it’s possible but I’m constantly posting instead of replying, sorry

@SuperMonaco_GP & @CLAYREGAZZONI Maybe it would be ok to do a file integrity check and then perhaps reinstall sol and csp to be sure nothing got removed? For CM i assume you would only need to rename the AC.exe again, right?

believe me, it’s a mess doing file check of ac having cm and csp. did it once, had to wipe ac and reinstall everything from scratch, all the mods too. as i said before, the problem most likely is due to having accuforce software still installed on the pc.

Think this is true. Something is interfering on software side and it’s not AC. Was aware that checking files in this case could be not very clever, so I asked. Maybe wishful thinking then that would have been a very easy solution
(Did it again… what is wrong with me :sob:)

Please help me. No idea what it stands for :flushed: