Brand new Simucube 2 Sport feels terrible in Assetto Corsa and randomly loses FFB or decides to go full lock

Excited to replace my Accuforce Pro V2 wheelbase with the Simucube 2 Sport but so far it has been a disaster. For reference I only sim in AC these day and I was NOT using any settings in SimCommander 4 with the Accuforce to alter the AC FFB. I was using only the base settings that get saved to the wheelbase itself. Also I have worked in IT for over 20 years, I’ve been a sim racer for 7 years and in that time I’ve had multiple different full motion rigs and gone through tons of wheelbases, pedals, VR etc and spent 1000s of hours tweaking everything. This isn’t my first DD wheel but it is my first Simucube.

The first issue is that there is just no feeling, no feeling of the road, the tires, nothing. There is resistance yes, but that’s about it. In order to feel the curbing at all I had to crank that up setting up in AC to 100% (was 0% with the Accuforce).

There is no feedback as to what the tires are doing in my wheel(the same Cube Controls GT-X that I was using with the Accuforce). I have google searched, watched videos, read these forums, read reddit etc copied TONS of others setups as well as used shared setups in the paddock nothing feels as good as the Accuforce did. Based on all the hype and reviews I was expecting the Simucube 2 to blow the Accuforce away.

If that wasn’t enough when I am racing it will randomly lose torque and go “limp.” Not sure how to explain it but it’s like the steering input is becomes over boosted (small turning = large movement) and the FFB goes to nearly zero yet nothing changed. This then causes me to crash or spin. Other times it will decide to go to full lock left or right and I can kind of keep driving but I am now having to fight the wheel in the direction it wants to go. If I let go of the wheel it will go until the lock and stop there until I quit the sim. In both cases I have tried pressing the auto stop button and releasing it does not affect the behavior. The only way to “reset” it is to quit the sim if I am in a race it is an automatic loss for me which isn’t acceptable.

I have tried tons of profiles, as well as trying to tune it myself one setting at a time over many hours of testing. I have tried different USB ports and cables. There is no error message, no USB disconnect noise, etc like I said I can quit the sim and reload it and it works again. Never had any issues like this on my Accuforce.

Between how bad it feels and these random issues I am pretty sure I am going to try to return it. Figured it couldn’t hurt to post here and see if anyone has ever encounter anything like this and solved it before I start that process. None of this matches all the reviews I watched and read before pulling the trigger and I am really shocked that this could be “normal”

Thanks for listening…

Do you have High Torque mode enabled?

Please post your SC settings on true drive.
I also had to put totally different FFB setting than when I was using a Logitech G27, nothing weird in that.


Yes high torque mode is enabled and, auto enabled on start as well. It is NOT a torque problem. The wheel always provides resistance to turning (well unless it goes into limp mode which is NOT the auto stop button and there are NO errors displayed in windows, AC nor True drive 2021.9) it is a road surface/tire/suspension feeling that is just missing from the wheel and/or not worthy of the $1500 price tag when compared to the “lesser” Accuforce wheelbase that was already in use.


I’ve tried many…which profile would you like to see? I have tried so many that I am now to the point of just trying crazy settings to see if I can find an “ah ha” moment since so many other settings that people say feel so real don’t feel good at all.

Search for in assetto corsa simucube settings on google or just assetto corsa on these forums and there are plenty of posts & screenshots of “great” setups that others rave about. I’ve tried every one I found including all the CSP/CM settings that are suggested along with the true drive settings as well. I haven’t just tried one setting and given up after 5 minutes. I’ve spent hours upon hours testing to find something that feels somewhat decent.

See the multiple posts with screenshots of suggested settings from user Exact-Perfomance here:

Posts from user phillip.vanrensburg:

Posts from reddit:

All of the “realistic” profiles for AC on True Drive Paddock (except the Formula Hybrid and drifting profiles)

Profiles downloaded from google:

Simcube shouldnt need 100s of tweaks/settings to come alive, there should be some kind of FFB right out of the box. This is why I think there is something else wrong. As I said in my OP I wasnt using anything in simcommander, just the basic degrees of rotation,the torque profile, strength (100%) & a tiny amount of damper & friction that get saved to the wheel and simcommander doesn’t ever need to be opened or running again.

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can you share the settings ingame and in td you are currently using?

Well there are 2 options.

  1. your SC is faulty, DOA, which is unlikely but possible.
  2. your settings either with TD or AC make it not perform as it can or should.

Screenshot reveals details that you maybe are not considering will affect the feel of the forces.

Also I don’t think it matters how other products work or don’t work. If your Accuforce didn’t need any special settings it doesn’t mean every other wheel out do either.

Anyway the weakness indicates it could be something with the power supply or high torque mode if it’s really the wheel and not the settings you are using.

@SuperMonaco_GP Here you go. Besides all the attempts above here is the most recent attempt at just throwing shit at the wall and seeing what sticks:

some considerations :

  • using recon filter at 7 on a title with 333hz ffb makes no sense at all. lower it to 1 or 2 max
  • too much friction and inertia, ac just needs some damping and very low friction (try 10 and 2)
  • set all ingame effects to zero (kerbs, road, slip, abs)
  • enable ingame gyro and disable all csp ffb settings

this is my ac td profile AssettoCorsa_2021.07.22_17.21.ini.txt (878 Bytes)
remove .txt and load into td + calibrate ingame wheel at 1180°

this my cm settings :

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Try filter off to max 3. No dampening, friction, inertia. If you want 100% force use static force reduction so the force in turns isn’t that heavy. Adjust in game. Your settings make it undriveable


Thanks SuperMonaco_GP. Like I said I was just trying to get some kind of FEEL out of this wheel as it’s just numb and lifeless. There is no sense of being connected to the car or tires or road and at the moment it’s certainly not worth the cost over my Accuforce V2(in fact it is worse).

I imported your settings in TD and copied your CM (although I am confused how in CM your gryo is on when it is greyed out and Unlock Experimental settings is unchecked). Thank you for providing them.

They are certainly drivable settings. This whole time the wheel has always been drivable. I can do similar laptimes but that’s only based on using the correct steering inputs at the correct time, not FFB.

Your settings still feel similarly lacking in detail. Is there torque/resistance to turning the wheel? Yes, that’s never been an issue. There is just no feeling of connection with the road or tires. It feels like I am driving on solid wheels over a road that has zero groves or grain or texture to the surface.

I think i understand what you mean and sort of felt the same with what you are describing here. To the contrary of what many people say and like, i sort of hate the way the standard gyro works in CM which to me kills the connection with the car and also causes issues to some cars. I posted over a month ago some settings which helped a lot the situation for me and some others.

I must add that they are not perfect, i have further tuned them but havent bothered to update the post. I ll probably do that later on tonight. In the meantime you can try these and see if at least they are in the right direction for you.
One more thing might be that there could be some corrupted files in AC, so it never hurts to revalidate them through steam.


Thank you for sharing your settings. So far this has been the best result yet! Out of all the setups I tried this is the closest anything has felt to having some kind of feeling from the road/tires but it’s still not what I am expecting.

Even with these improved results from your setup I am having a hard time swallowing the price of this “upgrade” when the performance I am getting out of Simucube is still worse than Accuforce and is more like a downgrade for $1500. Sure I can keep tweaking and chasing setups but why? It seems like the best thing for me to do is return it and go back to the Accuforce as far as I can tell there is zero benefit to the Simucube and this just blows my mind because so many people rave about Simucube. Maybe it’s magic in other sims and it just doesn’t work well with AC FFB? I have 100s of hours and $ invested in AC so comparing it another sim is of no benefit to me.

I am also confused how one person can post in the same thread “no you can’t use that setting it’s undriveable” and another person posts “use that setting.” I am also floored at how major such small changes can be in this system and how little I had to do to get excellent feedback from the Accuforce.

Panschoin lease post your latest settings when you can and I will see if they unlock any magic. I am going to do some more laps when I have time to try to decide if I even want to bother wasting anymore time on this.

No one from Simucube/Granite support has responded to me after their initial response and request for installation pictures and videos which I supplied (as well as a link to this thread).

You should submit support ticket. Unit is most likely a dud. Not often, but things like that happen.


See my reply above. I submitted one yesterday. Marko Lepola, Support Manager @ Granite Devices responded to me asking for pictures of the installation and video of it in use.

I sent him 3 pictures showing how everything is installed to my Sim-Lab P1-X cockpit with D-Box 4250i G3 motion as well as 2 videos 1 with motion and wind turned off so he could hear anything(nothing to hear) and see me driving with it and another where I happened to catch it in limp mode (but motion and wind were on) and all the FFB just died from the wheel. Not that you can really “see” this happen but you can see me crash and swear as a result of the wheel going limp lol. I also referenced this thread so he could quickly see all the things I have tried already.

But I have yet to hear back from them after sending the requested items.

FFB is highly subjective after basics are in order. Also the force feedback provided or expected from the base, changes between sims, cars, tracks, weather/temperature/grip etc.

So there’s no one truth, and only you can say what are the best settings for you.

I doubt all reviewers, forum posters, professionals are wrong when they think SC is definitely one of the best, if not the best wheelbase. At least after proper basic settings have been dialed in.

One thing to try just to rule out the software error is to remove all AC and content manager settings and start from scratch. You can make backup of course to restore from if you don’t get any improvement. I can’t remember the location of said files off hand, but you should find them from subdirectory of the documents directory. Maybe try without CM also, the plain AC FFB should be quite good also without extra CSP settings.

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Strange that hardware lock is activated and Simucube not on the list of systems supporting this


Check again it is listed on my screen(and in my screenshot but it doesn’t affect FFB anyway)

When you limit slew rate to 0.25 what do you expect?? It works in the opposite way!! Off equal no limitation, the closer to off the less you limit.

Ok, my fault. Is hard to see you so disappointed. I have AC and CM but didn’t play it a lot. I once wrote how surprised I was coming from Bahrain to China in F1 2020. I used same TD settings aswell as in game. Track surface, curbs style, EVERYTHING felt different, amazing. I checked all these profiles, as you did, ant went crazy. Now I use filter off to max 3, bandwidth unlimited, everything to 0 except static force and ULLM. On the last page, down to the left you can see if fine tuning filters are active (in case you use them). In a rally simulation like WRC 9 spring to zero would not be very clever while F1 doesn’t accept these filters.