Brand new SC2 Sport has really nasty vibrations in iRacing

Like the title says, I am getting really bad vibrations in SC2 Sport when trying to use it in iRacing. It happens in all cars, but the stronger the FFB the more crazy it gets (video below is in Dallara ir18 to accentuate how bad it gets). Is this a normal issue? Are there settings I can change to get rid of this issue? Because this is basically unusable at this point.

Video of Vibrations:

iRacing settings: Damper, Min Force, etc set to 0. Wheel force set to 17nm and strength set to 10.

True Drive Settings in attached images.


Try increasing inertia and friction.

Its a known issue that is specific to the IR-18 car with new 360 Hz mode in iRacing. The vibration is in the 360 Hz signal itself.

You can try to turn off the ultra low latency mode also. Or turn off the 360 Hz mode in the app.ini.

Put slew rate limit to 0,1