Best place to get a SC2 unit in Canada

Hello! I’m trying to get a SC2 at a reasonable price in Canada. The reason why I’m trying to get it from Canada is because it will quickly add up to over 2000$CAD with import and taxes if i buy from europe.

I tried sending a few e-mails to get a quote from a few places in Canada but got no reply.
I’m a bit weary of not being able to get service without having to ship the unit overseas which will increase the risk of unforeseen costs.

Anyone have contacts or recommendations?

I order almost everything directly from Europe!

But I have to admit that I only buy very good quality products so that I don’t really need customer service and warranty replacements etc…(like the Simucube)

In the case of my SC2 Pro I ordered from Sim Racing Bay (it was one of the sole distributor of Simucube one year ago). Pricing was ok. The SC2 was available and the shipment was fast, easy going and reliable (DHL express). Within a few days after my order it was here in BC at my home :+1:
The SC2 Pro is at 1200 EUR (=CAD 1735)

Tomo, the owner, is always very responsive and answer all questions etc…! :+1:

Fyi: Either the distributor or you will pay the taxes and the duties etc…And if the distributor also have the products shipped to their warehouse first, you end up paying 2 times for shipment, one time to them and then again to you. More expensive. The distributors nowadays are just a warehouse in the country but they don’t really have any added value. They are just another profit entity in the chain. Many years ago, the customer would receive their products faster than ordering from overseas but nowadays with DHL, UPS, Fedex etc…you get your products also very fast from Europe. Sometimes even faster…For me it is faster from Europe to BC than from Ontario to BC!

If you want a great discount (a very important topic here in the US… :crazy_face:), look at
It was listed at CAD 2800 (=1935 EUR)! Now with 18% discount… only CAD 2300 (=1600 EUR) :rofl:

Tomo is not SC2 distributor anymore.

EDIT: Wait, is he back in? Seems like, that’s a good news. I remember he dropped out at some point.

Yes it seems that he was “dropped” by Simucube as they went for different distributors located in the several Western European countries (and he is located in Slovenia) - and then he was again there. Good news indeed as he was always very committed to the brand and also to Sim Racing.

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This information " that he was dropped" is incorrect. Not sure who told you that?

Yes Tomo is back as SC2 Distributor along with building his own line of wheels. :blush:

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Yes he is back, And I am sure he is stocking up!
Tomo don’t play!! :wink:

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Sorry if we are wrong! I thought that Simucube decided to go with different distributors at one time (and hence without him) and then changed their decision and kept him. The word “dropped” may be partly inadequate indeed.

Can you please give your source of information?
Are you in some way related to him?

(in 2020 he already sold 2 wheels made by him. I for example use his GT3 wheel and love it :+1:)

It was all over this very board. You can read About on his website it has some hints.

My source of info comes directly from Tomo.

It is not appropriate that I state the exact reasons Tomo discontinued selling SC2 other than he needed time to concentrate on the wheel business.
If he wants it public he should do it himself.

I just wanted to clear up that it was Tomo’s decision to stop and he wasn’t “Dropped” from the resellers. That would be silly since he was the top sales guy of Granite Devices products for many years!

No I am not related to Tomo.
We have helped each other many times over the years as we both built and sold OSW. It is safe to say we have a very good working relationship. :slight_smile:

To make sure I am not misunderstood, everything I am saying is in a happy voice. :slight_smile:
Nothing said is meant as an attack.


Thanks for the infos!! :+1:

Sure thing!

I am glad you bought your SC2 from Tomo he is a Top Notch guy! You won’t be disappointed. :wink:

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Thanks for intel Joe, and while I did not know the exact details, my post says ‘he dropped out’, not was dropped out. All I know that at some point he was removed from resellers list and Info on his site was stating the following, which confirms what you were saying.

  • Main distributor of Simucube 2 systems in 2019 and 2020
  • Dedicated to in house production of Simucube 2 related products in 2020-2021

All is good, glad he is back.

You are welcome.
Yeah Simucube world without Tomo selling them was weird wasn’t it!

Maybe this will help clear up any misunderstandings. It was Quite nice that the GD guys did this!:wink:

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I have contacted a potential supplier, ASR (Advanced Sim Racing) in my province. They say Granite sets the MSRP for the units. I was astounded by the 1899$ price tag for the Sport and 2099$ CAD for the Pro.

I was expecting to pay double the price of Fanatec for a Simucube not four times. The prices are definately off in Canada. I’d like to encourage local supplier but I’ll probably send a friend from the US to MicroCenter to pick it up for me at 1299$USD (1675$CAD)

If your friend can’t get one from Microcenter let me know. I will buy one for you if you provide the funds.

I have 3 Microcenters within an hour of my house. One is 10 minutes away.
It seems Microcenters are already out of stock, but one of the local ones has 1 unit. I think they are only stocking the pro.

Who knows maybe they are waiting on a container to arrive packed with SC2. :slight_smile:

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Ten minutes away is fine but I wouldn’t expect you to drive an hour for free to pick up some stuff for me. Your offer is generous and I might just accept your proposition, if the one closest to you has one or you were planning to go near one that has stock. Let me think it though for the night, this is quite tempting.

Thanks Joe!

Haven’t used this forwarder myself, but could be something you want to look at.

Sure no worries. I have driven much farther than an hour to help out guys before.:blush:
I have attached a screenshot of the cost of the SC2 Pro at a local Microcenter.

Not sure how much shipping would be for you. If I added the SC2 to my website I am sure the shipping cost would be favorable, but that doesn’t take into consideration customs fees.

When people could still cross the border and pick up packages on the USA side at one of the package handlers I think customs was easier. Not sure if that is possible again due to current COVID restrictions?

@Andrew_WOT Package forwarder doesn’t work because it’s “In-Store only”

@Joe I’ve sent you a PM.


Okidoki I responded back.