Automobilista and Simucube 2

While the FFB strength has to be reversed by setting the in-game slider to negative value, are there any other gotchas for this title? Anyone done extensive testing already? :slight_smile:


With OSW I followed everything suggested in this @SKeijmel video, controller.ini and realfeelplugin.ini, except the thing about 720hz which doesn’t seems to work anymore.
Have no idea if that still holds for SC2 since I have still to receive mine, but with OSW those settings were perfect.


Settings frome the video are garbage. Feels like the steering wheel is attached to a rubber band. Way too much smoothing.

I’ll experiment some more tomorrow.

Returning the SmoothingLevel to 3 is much better feeling.

However, the game started crashing on me when I want to jump into the car. It’s completely frozen and I have to logout to kill it.

Anybody experiencing the same?

yep, on my pc ams is working i’d say half of the times, sometimes it freez on the main menu, other times on loading screen, or when in pits before race. it’s random

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The oddity about this is, at least for me: It never did this with my CSL Elite. I’m therefore suspecting that either TrueDrive or the SC2 driver is at fault here. My freezes only happen when I jump into the car, everything else works perfectly fine. Further manifesting the culprit in TD/SC2.

@Mika would you be so kind as to take a look?

I was referring back when i had the osw, I still had to try it with sc2

Anyone got this working well yet?

I just drove a successfully session a while ago. Didn’t see any FFB disappearing issue.

I got it working as well. I was just wondering if anyone could share their settings (TD, in game and in the controller files) since I could only get it to perform vaguely. :thinking:

Did you see any freezing when you went into the car (clicking right arrow from garage screen)?

No freezing at all. I tried a few car&track combinations.

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Hmmm. Must be somehow related to something in my setup. Thanks.

did you also download and set the Controller.ini file ?
I find the ffb with those files to be perfect on SC2, with ingame ffb at around 40 - 60 % depending on the car, and in TD those settings (off course rotation is per car basis) :

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Which controller.ini?

you have to put in the doc folder, into documents/automobilista/userdata/your name

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I put the file controller.ini in my documents automobilista … and in Automobilista / userdata … he sees controller in the menu but can not set to turn left and right the game do not see while the name simucube 2 pro is detected in the imputs !!! it is to go crazy this game !!!

have you mapped the steering inputs? off course it doesn’t work if you don’t map this

what do you call “mapped” ??? calibration ???

assign the inputs. press “steering left/right” and turn the wheel left/right. same with pedals and gears.
the same thing you do in any sim, otherwise you can’t play…