Automobilista 2 - Simucube 2

Settings depend on the version of AMS2 you are running as there have been some significant changes made to ffb behind the scenes, and may be ongoing for a few weeks more. For example:

  • AMS2 main release version: Default ffb (in-game) works quite well, imo.
  • AMS2 Beta version: I use a custom ffb file, (tweaked).
  • AMS2 Beta (nfm): Custom still works best, imo.

In any case, AMS2 ffb works better with a healthy dose of Friction / Damping (for my taste).
Reconstruction Filter: I generally start at 2 or 3.

Until Reiza settles on the final Default / Default+ standards, we may not have definitive answers on how Damping impacts the steering behavior. At least with a more recent custom file, we know how it works (as Power-steering).

I am using the standard AMS2 version. Latest update via Steam but no Beta.

So better to leave the standard values in AMS2 and then to tweak the settings in the Simucube?

Tony, with default profile you can start with these settings and tune from there.
Except I set in game Damper to 0 now as it’s either does not have effect or behaves weird, things keep changing from one release to another as Dean said.

Thanks! Will try it! :+1:

I keep LFB at zero, Damping at zero, as Andrew suggested.
Add Friction to stabilize any loose feeling (near center) and to add some weight to the steering.
Use SC2 Damping to control rotational wheel speed.

That should get you to a pretty decent place using Default ffb setting.
If you still want more improvement, I suggest trying some of the more recent Custom ffb files.
I prefer those of Kuku Maddog or Karsten.

Note: I’ve been testing the new ffb preset (Default+) and I think that may work well for quite a few players. The game-ffb Damping now works but, I had to run it very high (relative to previous versions), in addition to normal Damping levels on the SC2 side.

One of the benefits is, track surface character comes through quite nicely.

Update in on Steam live, with new physics.
@morOSWer, any recommendations for settings with Default profile, afraid my old ones won’t cut on updated FFB.

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10GB lol This better be good. I use rFuktor 4.4 and every update since Racin’ USA has been fine for me. I even find the default ffb tolerable (tuned of course). Hoping they both still feel okay.

Does anyone feel the need to completely wipe their Documents folder and create a brand new profile?

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quickly tested the update, physics and ffb (using the new Default+ profile) seems a lot better than before…the mid corner snap is gone for the most part…



AMS2 V1.3 introduces new FFB profile (Default+) in parallel to the ol “Default” profile which remains available for users who may prefer it. Information on these FFB updates along with an updated tutorial to best set it up will be posted on a dedicated thread soon.

As for clean up

You must delete your Automobilista 2 Beta\savegame[User Profile Number]\automobilista 2\tuningsetups to reset your car setups to their original settings - failure to do so may result in a broken driving experience (it is not necessary to delete your other game settings).


i spent last 20 months saying there was something way off in AMS2 drivetrain physics, finally seems they started fix it. any TD profile for SC2 Pro and new Defaul+ ffb?

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I haven’t noticed any appreciable difference between Default and Default+ to be honest.
FFB seems more consistent with both but not sure about physics. It seems like there is just binary grip/no grip condition with little in between. If you play Kunos titles you can feel wheel resistance going up as tires approach grip limit before they start sliding, and when this happens it takes some finesse to get car back under control. With AMS2 (tried McLaren and Porsche GT3 so far), it’s very little progressive resistance before tires start sliding and then it’s easily controllable 4 wheels drift, just sliding through the corners with ease.


@Karsten_W or any others, over a year ago you helped me out with making the SC2 pro work for AMS2. After the update of today, I renamed the map because otherwise it messes up the setup or ffb settings for the update. But now I don’t get my steer to work anymore. Should I insert the FFB zip again into the folder? And which zip should I use for this update?

Hope someone can help this noob out. Thanks in advance!

yep, it remain still weird and somehow arcadeish in some regards, but at least car behaviour in corners now is no more snapping between over-under-oversteering in one single corner without any real reason

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yes, it is still super weird to drive.
main feeling is like having 1 tyre on the front axle, in the middle of the car, and steering with just that one tyre. also, 91, 95 and 97 F1 monsters, group C with 100% turbo boost enabled, Porsche cup cars, 91 DTM, all without TC, can’t spin under any circumstance no matter how hard you try by giving 100% throttle on corner exit, off course without aids - tested with both “authentic” and “off” aids, doesn’t matter.
I mean, it can be fun and all, but it really has zero challenge.

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Shattered hopes :cry:, especially after excellent update from Kunos, back to the dustbin until next update I guess.

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My $0.02 I took the Porsche 911 GT3, McLaren 720S GT3 and a 2021 Brazilian Stock Car out for a few laps each and Hockenheim and Imola.

There’s some improvement in Default+ over Default but for my money I still think rFuktor 4.4 beats it.

The real improvements seem to come from the handling changes. It’s a much more settled drive now.

Regarding slip angle and grip levels I think I can see what some are talking about on Default/+. I think it’s much less of an issue with rFuktor 4.4.

To be honest, I never felt like progressive grip levels were all that great in any sim. You really have to tune yourself in to what its presents in each sim. The four wheel drift thing, yeah, that may be a thing.

I think it’s an improvement to both ffb and handling but there’s more work to be done.

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I hopped in ACC just now for a few laps to quickly compare. If ACC hadn’t just upped their game and set a new standard AMS2 would’ve maybe drawn close with this release but as it is, while it’s a solid update, it’s still behind ACC by a minor but not insignificant margin.

I just tried the new version of AMS2 and wanted to experiment with the new FFB settings…

…but when I switch between custom, default and default+, the values (gain, lower force boost, FX and menu spring strength) stay the same ???

Is it normal? (I thought that default and default + would give some standard values…)

yes it’s normal, values stay the same if you change profile

What is the difference between default, default+ and custom?