Automobilista 2 - Simucube 2

I think it feels pretty excellent, close second to rF2, it’s just some physics aren’t quite there yet.

I’m really getting used to rFuktor 4.4, it has a closer to feel to rF2 ffb than stock:

Hi community !

I’d just installed TD 2021.8, and FFB on my SC2 PRO disapear completly when I start AMS2. Works fine on RF2, DR2…Worked very well on last release TD 2021.7.
The whell is soft regardless the profile used.
I deleted “ffb_custom_profile” ==> Nothing to do !
I deleted “Savegame” folder ==> Nothing to do !
Checking folder by Steam is Ok

What happened ???

Thanks for help.

It’s working fine for me - TD 2021.8 Paddock, Plain Automobile 2 install from steam with no mods nor DLC

It was my first time using AMS2 and I did have to futz with assigning a few buttons before it would let me calibrate the wheel and pedals.

Have a mess with the settings and try that wheel calibration - I remember not having FFB until that was completed.

Also, the standard disclaimer of being sure your E-stop is off also applies.

There was no FFB interface changes in this release, so it is very unlikely to be an issue with this firmware version.

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Sure E-Stop is off : RF2, DR2 works fine ! I will deepen my research…Thx

Seems to have no issues from which many speak of here,

Hi there, I am on default Reiza profile which I prefer to stay with, just wondering is there any custom param that can control FFB spikes from collisions and wall impacts. They are just dangerously brutal.

hi all, I guess some of the guys who made the ffb custom files for dd wheels are here in the forum, so I’ll ask : I tried the last rFucktor4.4, it’s not generally bad but - also by looking in the .txt file, I noticed a lot of canned effects were added to the ffb. is it possible to edit the file as to reach a somehow “purely phisics generated” ffb in ams2? I mean removing all engine effects, supplementary road scrub, under/over steer effects, and so on. if that is indeed possible, which are the main parameters I should edit?

@SuperMonaco_GP better go with the latest file the 4.6 of 25/6. This is a hard ask as i wouldn’t say these are canned effects like for example the sliders in AC. If i am not mistaken, the file’s purpose is not to add effects on top or reiza ffb but it is a reworking of the ffb. Karsten is more equipped to explain this to you regarding the code. You can try a few things though and see if they make sense: turn everything ingame (especially FX) apart from gain to 0 (not too sure on that), or in the file decrease or set to 0 the scales “Road features settings” & “Effect scales”. For ovesteer you can play with “over_steer_scale” in rack settings. Most probably though by setting stuff to 0 you will be eliminating totally the respective forces. Just do some experimentation and see what is better for you. The issue however is that you need to be restarting the game every time you make a change to the file…

Edit: you can also try decreasing “master_road” & “master_effects” from “Main dials” as a starter before going to the detailed scales.

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thanks a lot for the tips

Have you played around with the SC2 settings? do you mind sharing a screenshot of your true drive final settings, and what settings you used in-game?


Sure here’s mine. I think I’ve settled on Custom FFB w/Rfukltor 4.4. I haven’t felt the need to change these settings in a few months:

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For the record, I wish ffb were just like rF2 and I try to get it close to that. It’s not there yet. I’m not saying my ffb is perfect, even I want it to be better in some ways, but it feels decent enough for now.

Also, it did take me a couple of months to even gravitate to sticking with rFuktor as I couldn’t tell if I liked it more than the Default FFB but now I think I’m settled on it.

Oh, and I was playing with the McLaren GT3. It feels really good there but can’t say if it’ll be good for other car types. Even the Ginetta GT4 feels slightly off with my settings.

for me, rfuktor feels really good with formula and high downforce cars in general but very poor with everything else, especially gt cars…

Default is more even across the board and seems to get some improvement in the last release. Still the whole thing needs lots and lots of work. Looks pretty though.


I tried this and the second one from June 19. I like the June 19 better with in-game FFB set to 90%

Thanks for sharing…

Sadly from my experience, this is related to the FX setting which unfortunately also affects curb feeling and suspension based feedback.
I thought they would’ve resolved this by now but I just tried AMS2 on my SC2 Pro after 7 months of not driving it and almost broke my hand when I hit the exit wall coming out of the pits in Interlagos.
Granted, I had gain at 70 and 80% SC2 strength, but still, a 20-30 mph bump into a wall outside the pits shouldn’t snap the wheel out from my hands like that.

Could be the full-pull ffb bug that has been known to re-surface from time to time.

I suggest posting a bug-report in the Reiza public “bug reports” thread. Fact is, AMS2 is still very much work-in-progress at this point, and some caution should be factored into DD-wheel settings.

There are no guarantees that sudden ffb spikes won’t occur with any title. I’ve seen it happen with various titles by crashing / locking-up / usb-connection issues, where the ffb signal is not curtailed properly.

FFB signal-clipping can actually be of some benefit in such cases. Consider lowering SC2 ffb-strength significantly and find a balance using AMS2 ffb-Gain (ffb-signal) where such extreme case events won’t be hazardous to you.

You can also customize one of the AMS2 custom-ffb profiles to your specific needs.

first of all I would set fx to zero

FX 0 here, still happens.

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