Automobilista 2 - Simucube 2

Can someone please thake bathurst and drive the super v8 downhills… I get a very odd graini feel from the car.

Is it game related or my TD settings?

I’m on fresh custom ffb file “rFuktor 3.8” that gave me really nice feeling:
Automobilista 2 Custom Force Feedback - Overview & Recommendations

Removed my settings per @Panschoin correction below.

His settings are def better:
“In game: gain 30-40 depending on the car, FX 30-35 (higher values produce gaininess), LFB 10-15, Damping (around 5-20).”

Bazz :sunglasses:

Thank you Bazz for the feedback. I will try the rFuktor file and give it a shot.

But why you use a low force boost on a direct drive? And 30 FX - is this not to noisy for a simucube?

Low force is recommended starting point and I think it’s strengthens center feeling.
Go through first page of topic that I’ve linked

It got better but the superkart feels wrong. Must test more this week. Thank you!

Guys for the Rfuktor files the suggested TD settings are:

In game: gain 30-40 depending on the car, FX 30-35 (higher values produce gaininess), LFB 10-15, Damping (around 5-20).


I’m just about to download and try this game out for the first time.

I know there were lots of issues when trying to calibrate and assign controls in the early days. Are those bugs fixed now or are there still some rules I need to follow in order to get the SC2 recognised and working?

I just set the wheel to custom and it worked perfect set pedals to separate, calibrate etc, all the buttons were assigned properly the first time setting them and played a few hours today.

Kinda wish you could assign multiple buttons for the same action though (I wish every game had this option ahahh) for different wheels buttons and for if you also have a sequential shifter as well as paddles.

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No, assign pedals first, and make sure that e-stop button is engaged when assigning axes or wheel can spin uncontrollably.


Thank you for the tips, guys :slightly_smiling_face:

Very early days but my impressions after trying out just a single GT3 car for half an hour is that it’s actually better than I was expecting it to be. I’ve started out with the file and settings linked above by Panschoin above (thanks for posting) and the one thing I did have to change was to set the FX to zero to stop the wheel oscillating and vibrating when the car was sat at standstill.

Noob question for anyone… where would I find the up/down assignments for ABS and TC? I never managed to come across those in the menus.

That is very strange… it is not supposed to oscilate and vibrate at standstill…something must be off… Have you tried different cars? Did you get the last custom file (rfuktor 3.8)?. Btw a new file might be coming in the forum tonight so have a chek later tonight or tomorrow. Iro the abs and tc, i think there should be assignments but i cant be certain…

PS. just checked the ABS/TC ± and i think it only gives the option to assign on/off

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I’ve only tried a single car (M6 GT3) so it may just be an isolated thing. The vibration wasn’t terrible but the rim would visibly shake when I removed my hands from it.

Unlike most here, I’m still using old firmware (V1.07) so it might even be that. No big deal though as the ffb felt quite nice even with the FX at zero.

I’m using the rfuktor 3.8 file but I’ll keep an eye out for the new file and give it a try for comparison.

Thank you for checking out those assignments for me. I did see the on/off option but that seems like it’s more of an assist than anything else so I left it untouched.

I haven’t visited the Reiza forum for a long time but I’ll head over there to look for some more info and get up to speed with developments.

It is just weird, as the custom file is being developed by using 2 SCpros and a DD1. We never had such an issue and there was no similar complain in the forum by other people using different bases. That is why i am more concerned that maybe there is an other issue/error with your setup. Doubt though that it would be the firmware. The issue with the FX at 0 is that you are losing roadfeel and orther details…Anyway check this with other cars as well. I ll have a look on the M6 cause i havent tried it for a while.

No problem. I’m away from the rig at the moment but will try out some other cars tomorrow and let you know. I’ll also post the settings I’m using as I might have set something wrong at my end :slightly_smiling_face:

I think there was over pronounced engine vibration/rpm effect managed by FX.
Try Default profile to isolate the issue, it’s not that bad in recent iteration.

Of course, happy to have a look on your settings. Now just tried the M6, at standstill you get vibrations (only) but these are from the engine. if you shut down the engine the vibrations stop. I am usning fx @35 btw. So something else must be off…

I’m going to try the rFuktor 3.8 today too. I tried default, and funnily enough, it reminds me of the dead feeling of iRacing :rofl:

Same thing with Default profile on GT3 McLaren even with FX 0.
I am pretty sure it’s legacy from Project Cars, something to do with the brakes, that oscillation on starting line was always there.

It must be the engine vibration that bothers you.
If you don’t want that exact effect, using notepad, change this line in the file:
(engine_scale_at_still 0.7)
(engine_scale_at_still 0.0)

And restart the game fully, as it only picks up the file on startup.

It is normally best to use in-game FX slider at around 20-30(when having TrueDrive settings like @Panschoin and myself) , as otherwise you also remove various road features to only remove the engine vibes.


Awesome help from you guys. Many thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

@kledsen Changing engine_scale_at_still to 0.0 made all the difference for me. I can now up the FX to 25+ and get some nice road bumps coming through, minus the vibration playing over the top.

I really appreciate all the ongoing work that goes into making the ffb text files. What a night and day difference between the default and rfuktor 3.8 versions.

I did have a short play with the default txt file and think I would walk away from the game if that was the only thing available. The rfuktor version makes it far more playable and enjoyable.

Well done to all of you contributors for some very smart work!