Automobilista 2 - Simucube 2

Thanks for pointing that out. Renato must have an aggressive spam folder :thinking:

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I didnt changed anything down there. This is profile what im using for iracing and only change was 360 instead of 900

Ahh, so thats why i cant shift…

I still cant get it to register. Ive tried all the profiles and even unplugged everything and I still get multiple inputs. 720,900,1080 DOR still nothing. Im about out of ideas.

Ok guys. I just found out one thing regarding the DOR. If I choose DD1/2 or 2.5 profile the DOR works on all cars i tried with 900 in TD. In-game Wheel matches the sim wheel. However manual shift are not possible :frowning: (had to drive with auto gears)

If i choose “custom profile” like @JonD said maual shifting works but not DOR per car…

I wonder if we can manually hack some ini file to get BOTH to work on SC bases…

I’m wondering if this is somehow related to this game being so closely related to PC2.

I remember @EXOTICS4LIFE having this issue with PC2 a while back. I’ll need to go back an re read the thread but I believe he had to remove everything but the servo in order to get the inputs registered.

@morpwr Your suggestions over there actually helped to fix that particular issue:

That’s why I cant understand this. I know how to make it work in Pcars2 but nothing is assigned at all in the custom profile now so I cant just switch it to something random now.

How about trying this part, if you haven’t already.

“I reassigned both left and right steering to buttons, I then again tried to assign them, starting with left steering. Sure enough, this time left steering was assigned X-, and then right steering was assigned X+”

I thought that’s what they should be-x left and +right but even in the wheel profiles that are assigned like that it doesn’t work. Are you using the custom profile? Im pretty sure that was one of the first things I tried but ill try again.

Imagine if all racing games was as easy as Iracing to set up the wheels / pedals…


Sorry mate, I don’t own AMS2 otherwise I would take a look for you.

-xleft and +right does sound correct though and Custom was the selection I made for wheel choice in PC2

Here is mine ATM, all works exept manual gearing (even though they are assigned correctly) se my post above.
First i choose a profile, DD1/2 or like in this case 2.5. THEN i go and assign pedals/wheel/buttons. I first click STEER LEFT, turning my rim FULLY to the left (hitting bumpstop) and then back again. It then gives me a value of Joy axis -X. The same with STEER right. After all this is done, I calibrate.

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Try the immersive FFB. I had the same as you using raw. Also try some formula cars - they seem more sorted.

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Ok I sort of figured this out. Set dor to 280 in TD so it registers correctly then it works every time. Then just change the dor before configuring. I still haven’t figured out how to make that match in game though.


Wheel selection in-game set to Legacy wheel , with 280 degrees rotation in TD, and then calibrate the wheel ingame. FFB is finally here, and rotation is correct (F3, Catheram and Ultima stock car).

However I suspect that the Legacy wheel selection is not a 720 Hz ffb signal, since it feel rather notchy on the Simucube 2 Pro, but it’s the best result I have so far.

Works with custom wheel selected too, something wierd happened with Truedrive under testing, software showed different value on rotation from what the wheel had.

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Im wondering are they reading that we have issues with steering wheels. I can see only sc users are having issues​:see_no_evil::skull:

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Neglected Simucube in the development phase by the looks yes. But that was expected to be honest when you think about Mika’s post earlier where he didn’t get any response on reaching out to them.
Get the FFB working, but it’s so nothcy and not really good so I very much doubt it’s the correct version of it :slight_smile:
ACC works really well now with FFB signal at 333 Hz, and there I can play it without pretty much any filters, so I seriously doubt that BETA1 ffb for me is representative.

Yes, we were asking for their mailing address and suggestions on the shipping/customs things (which are difficult sometimes to Brazil) to get free a unit to them.


What did you calibrate the wheel to in game? I tried 1080 and 900 and neither matched the onscreen.